Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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I don't even know why I'm posting - really I don't. I don't even have a name for this post AND it's just been a rough day - my 3 boys had haircuts - I hate, no despise haircut days. Probably not as much as my hair-doer does. She probably would rather have a root canal than to cut my boys' hair. Okay - maybe that is stretching it. Carson is totally still - so maybe she would rather have a root canal than to cut Hudson and Lawson's hair - and I wouldn't blame her! If you guys could see me in that chair - forcibly holding my kids down - you would say, "Kim, people like you shouldn't have kids!" And the bad part, I don't feel bad for being soooo mean! They act stupid in that chair - screaming, crying, thrashing, throwing their heads around! I mean just plain stupid! Length on some lil' boys is cute - BUT not mine! MY little boys need short hair! When they are grown - say around 32 -they can make the decisions on how to wear their hair - until then, it's mine to make!! No matter how stupid they act when they get it cut! Oh what to do!? Of course Miss Em laughed the entire time - she knows it's going to be a while before she has to set in that chair - Ms. Rena' is counting her blessings for that one - she doesn't know how many Wheelers she can stand!

But on to a better note, I need to thank all you guys for all the orders that have been rolling in! Words can't express how I feel. I absolutely love when I check my email and I have a "new client inquiry" - LOVE it I tell ya'!!! Of course with all the orders, I've yet to paint Miss Em one - I really don't think she minds waiting!

Welp, paint has dried on the two that I'm currently working on - so I must get back to it. Maybe, just maybe, something of more interest will happen later so you can read a better post tomorrow.


My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Oh do I ever know where you are coming from. I actually resorted to cutting my little's hair myself..and well it looked REALLY bad afterwards. He had huge bald gaps (well he would NOT stop moving!) - people thought he had some sort of hair disease!! Not to mention I decided to do this the Saturday before Easter Sunday - lovely!! Can't they give them that stuff they sedate them with at the dentist...the laughing gas stuff?? That would make it soooo much easier for everyone. Or perhaps they should let us Mom's suck on some of that happy gas during the hair cut!! That'd work!!

Holli said...

Kim...that is so funny!! I am still laughing so hard, I had to read it to Kris!

Rach said...

treats I tell ya...treats...it works!!