Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tagged AGAIN!!!

I actually love these things . . . a way for you all to get to know me without me having to "think up" some way to post about me! This one came from a new friend that lives in FRANCE!!! Can I come visit you . . . please?! You must check out her blog - the pictures are fantastic!! It looks like scenes from a movie!

So here I go . . .

-What was I doing 10 years ago. . . .
must say that I was in college, had been dating the same guy for 2 years {at that point} and thought I was in love with the man I was going to marry! {ha - what a joke!} I had recently moved out on my own and was living in the COOLEST {and cheapest} apartment in the whole of Murfreesboro! {does anyone remember that fantastic little place?} I was babysitting and making a pretty good living watching others' kids. I was 20 years old and the sky was the limit!

-5 things on my to do list . . .
as of today's "to DO" list
1. Dental appointment
2. Drop off 3 paintings to a customer
3. Pick up some hysterically cute panties {bloomers} for Emsley that I had monogrammed
4. Work on 2 paintings
5. Upload Em's birth announcement to Mpix - {NO, I've not done that yet - what's it to ya!}

-5 snacks I enjoy . . .
1. Little Debbie Honeybuns
2. Rootbeer float
3. Fruit {of any kind}
4. fruit roll-ups
5. apple fried pie! Yum-O - uhhhh only 5, this list could keep going!

-Things I would do if I was a millionaire . . .
Buy an oil company - apparently that is where the money is at these days! haha

-Places I've lived
-Shelbyville, Tennessee
-Christiana, Tennessee
- Flat Creek, Tennessee
-Murfreesboro, Tennessee

{okay, so Shelbyville & Flat Creek are "technically" the same place as well as Christiana & Murfreesboro - but I had to fluff it up a little!}

There you go - MORE useless info about me!!

Okay, so I'm about to upload this birth announcement - want to see what I ended up with??

This is the back - I totally lifted this poem from a friend of mine - thanks M!! It was super cute and I had to use it!!! And that is Emsley's light fixture!! How cool is that? Seeing them together - I wonder if I should darken the pink {on the front} to somewhat match the background of the backside?? Jeez - decisions!! I'm going to have to stare at it to make up my mind!!!


Mommy said...

1. You haven't done that yet? Yes, I think you should make them match (because I'm a matchymatchykindagirl.

2. You are very welcome. :-) It seems to be accurate at my house (at least for the first two years)

3. No, I don't think they are the same at all. Flat Creek is not Shelbyville...not even close

4. Don't buy an oil company unless you plan on purchasing the big dog at the top of the food chain ie: Exxon, Citgo, etc. I can assure you it's not the little people (ie: us) who are making the big bucks. Wish we were getting a fraction of it...but we ain't...:-)

Lacy said...

I am loving your blog! Those are the cutest announcements I have ever seen. Your very creative......thanks for sharing with blogland.

Melissa Santanastasio said...

had you not suggested the darker pink I would not have minded but that might make it look just killer as usual uber impressed.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE that poem! The announcement is adorable! Great job.