Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's me again Margaret!

Well, I'm back - finally - counting down the hours that Lonnie will be home - which will be in 11 hours! Thank the good Lord! I really don't want to tell you what the kids ate for supper tonight - trust me, you don't want to know! And they didn't get in bed till 10 {literally seconds ago!} But who cares - Lonnie will be home in less than 11 hours!!

It really has been tough these last few days. I think my biggest problem is that I'm relatively a scheduled person and it is very hard to maintain a schedule with only one adult and the brood of kidlets I'm raising! The other MAIN problem is my kids like being on a schedule and everything falls apart when we falter on the norm!

I really haven't been able to paint these past couple of days, but Lonnie says he will let me have time this weekend and take the kids so I can get some stuff done. I've got 3 close to going out - so maybe, just maybe I'll get some pictures of art posted within the next couple of days!

During this trying time {you know, being home alone with the animals,} I've discovered a new love - "Peanut Butter & Fluff sandwiches" or as someone else called them "Fluffernutters" - Do you know what this is?? One of my BFF posted about it on her blog and I had to try this. I don't know why - I actually hate peanut butter - but for some strange reason it really sounded good.
I have eaten a whole stinkin' container of the above "fluff" - It made me weak in the knees!!! "Where have you been all my life?" Seriously! You've got to make you a sandwich with peanut butter and marshmallow creme!!! Delish! I really can't get enough - okay, now we know why my scale is broken!

Other good news - I'm meeting Kijsa on Saturday! Yes, the famous Kijsa {and don't we all love her and her sister's blog!} we all want to meet. I know a couple of girls who are probably REALLY jealous about now! This one and this one!! She is going to be in Nashville and we are {hopefully} going to meet up so that I may pick up a couple of things that she did for me! And I'm extremely excited - so excited that it made my day much better!

More good new, I got Em's birth announcements today! Of course now I have to find the time to address them and get them out. And for all those wondering - I did change the color up just a smidge to match the back!

On a sad note, a really sweet friend of mine had a miscarriage today. I called her and {like usual} made some comment about being pregnant before I even said "hello" and she burst into tears! I think I might be the worst person when it comes to saying something before thinking! I felt like a big o' hill. My heart really aches for her and I hate that she had to experience this. But overall, she really had a positive attitude about the situation once we got to talking and got past the initial part of the conversation. She never ceases to amaze me and I know she is going to make one Fan-tab-U-lous momma one day!

Well, I really need to go clean the house so that my husband really thinks I had it together while he was away - ha! He probably knows better!


Lacy said...

Thanks for the comment Kim...I finally got your link back on my list and I just adore reading your blog. You make me laugh. Hope hubby is impressed when he comes home. I bet your a super mom.

Jasperson Family said...

Have you ever seen Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC? If not you need to- for a lot of reasons. She makes peanut butter and fluff sandwiches with all organic items. Kid you not they make organic marshmallow creme.

Stephanie said...

I have seen so much about these PB and Fluff sandwiches lately! My daughter doesn't like PB so we don't usually have it in the house but I just might need to make an exception!

Happy cleaning. That jar of fluff should give you enough energy to at least get some of it done.

Courtney said...

Mmm... that sounds good to this peanut-deprived mommy. Maybe after Jacob goes to bed tonight... =)

Anonymous said...

now YOU suck...and I mean that with all the love in the world.