Friday, June 20, 2008

Back up people . . .

I've got another coming at ya'. Oh, you heard right - ANOTHER O-N-E!!! Okay, well this is only a little sneaky peeky - because I technically won't finish this one for another few hours - but it's naptime and I had a moment to post before I pick the paintbrush up - so I thought I might as well post a picture NOW! I've got to clean up those sides - so don't look too hard - like I said "it's not complete!" I've come to the conclusion that I really need to hire someone to come clean my house atleast every other week {I wish every week!} By the time I paint, computer, play with the kids, daily laundry & dishes {oh, and cook - rarely **snicker-snicker**}, the house just looks plain nasty - Trashy McNasty to tell you the truth! I would be so embarrassed for anyone to come over and see this joint - I'm tellin' the truth when I say it's just gross!

BUT, here is the issue - do I really want someone up in my HOUSE cleaning it?! I mean, I am a stay at home mom and I do find it extremely comical when I hear of someone that actually pays another to come in and clean their house when they don't have a job!! {I'm not trying to offend anyone with that comment} I mean, it is their prerogative - but I do find humor in it! I guess it is something that I will think about - maybe something I will start in the fall. Ahhh - who knows - by then I might have my act together and can get it done myself!

Well, I'm off to bust my butt, gut and anything else on my body that needs busting to get some work done around this house {my trashy - McNasty house!!} And probably finish a few paintings as well!


Stephanie said...

I love the colors in that painting. So beautiful!

It's ok to hire someone to clean your house. We hire people all the time to fix things around the house, do the gardening, paint our nails. Cleaning is just not some people's gift and that's ok!

chriskauf said...

I love that design it is so gorgeous, really stunning.
I made paintings like that , I mean name paintings much more simple for a family member, I recently visited her home and she has them on each child's door , so cute, I was so tickled to see them up.
I have a bone to pick with you , you my dear are not a stay at home mom , you are a working mom of four kids who also does full time duty you are a double duty mom, get a cleaning lady, I know I feel weird about it too , which is why I don't have one , but you should do it and enjoy it.
You deserve it with your work and all those itty bitty little kiddies.

Rach said...

Check out the sides on that one! Super cute Kim. I love those cherry blossoms. Great job!!

Rach said...

Oh yeah and if I could I would hire someone too! Go for it!

Natalie said...

OUTDID yourself, girl!! OUTDID YOURSELF!!!

Holli said...

Another job WELL DONE!!
Get yourself a cleaning lady dear... then you could take on more....(hehehehehe)

The Nester said...

honey, you Do have a job! You do it so well and if your job can make enough $$ to pay someone to do the jobs you don't like then I say go for it! That's what makes the world go round!

I remember when my husband would take off work early to change the oil himself in his truck and the $$ he LOST doing that instead of his real job made us decide that it was much more frugal to pay someone else to change the oil while he was working!

What a nice reward for yourself!

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Love your art!!

As far as the house goes...I say GO FOR IT!! I would love to have someone clean my house...anyone other than me!

Brandi! said...

Wow Kim! That painting is awesome! One of my favorites to date! You are amazing!

Now...I CAN NOT BELIEVE that you sat there and posted that you are a stay at home mom with "no job"! You work harder than anyone I know. Let us think this are a talented artist who runs a successful business selling art that keeps up two blogs and a website, an amazing mom of four very small children, with a wonderful and supportive - yet often out of town husband. Hmmmm... sounds like at least 2 full time jobs to me! HIRE THE HOUSE CLEANER!

Rena' said...

Again, I have to say "Your such a Trip!" Get a cleaning Lady but good luck with that cuz you a little picky, sister!!

Just don't come home and RE-clean! OK!