Friday, May 16, 2008


I know, I know . . . it's been a few days! I really do hate it when I don't post "something" daily or at least every other day. I feel bad, like I'm letting you guys down!? I don't know why, I mean - seriously, how bad do you want to see in my life. Really not much of anything goes on around here.

But anyhoodle, I've been painting like crazy! As you can see in the picture - I actually completed a few this week. You know what is really cool about painting these canvases for all you awesome folks?? When I can actually see several {extremely} different ones at the same time. Here are 3 that are lined up, waiting to be papered & wired with a hanger. . . .

If you're not seeing yours, don't worry - my table is COVERED with more. I've got several "classic" collections that are waiting to get papered {and some framed.}

I've also been scrubbing my aquarium. Which I should have done long before I had the baby. It was super-grow-dee {to the extreme!} Actually, kinda made me want to flush the fish and say forget it, don't want to do this anymore! It was just that bad! It literally took me about 2 and a half days to get it done. Of course I think I did tooo much of an extreme clean, because my stinkin' fish are staying low {and not moving much!} But they're not floating belly up {now, that would be a bad sign!} So, I'll keep my fingers cross and hope I didn't do toooo much damage! I'll keep you all informed - because I'm soooo sure you all want to know! tee hee

I've also been removing drip stains from the carpet going up the stairs. Now I'm assuming it's from the kids - so, how is it that the kiddos get that crap on the carpet? We really don't allow cups up the stairs! I don't see them sneak them {up there}, I don't find cups lying around {up there}, I mean where do these "spots" come from??? I would swear they are juice spots but who knows?? It's probably from the same people who sneak in my house and wear all of our clothes when we are not home!! Because I know that there is no way we dirty up all that laundry in just a few days!?!?

So, that is where I've been. Nowhere . . . Just here, doing the normal things I do! I hope you all have a Fan-tab-U-lous weekend!


Tutta la Storia said...

You inspired me to redesign my blog--have a look-see. Oh, I am so glad I didn't buy the aquarium I was thinking about--it sounds like a monstrous process to clean. The paintings are adorable!

Rach said...

ooh ooh I LOVE that Olivia one---it turned out great!

Cara said...

I agree with Rachel; I love the Olivia painting. The colors are adorable!!!