Monday, May 5, 2008

It's been a long time . . .

since I've done a "how to"!!!! I made a terrarium today and thought I would share!! Super simple and with all the extremely cutie glass "stuff" out there - the possibilities are endless!! Ha - get it - endless possibilities?! Okay, I thought it was a cute play on words - you probably didn't!

So, first off - I used an old hurricane that I had just lying around. Actually this is one of the things that I used at my wedding. This joker is really big and people dropped little notes of wishes for us at the reception - it was a cute idea - I lifted it from ol' Martha Stewart. Well, now I have this gi-tisimo of a glass jar with nothing to do with it - I KNOW . . . .
. . . . I'll put about an inch or so of cute pebbles in the bottom {rinsed well} and then a good covering of horticultural charcoal {to absorb the odor} and then about 2 or so inches of light {and slightly moist} potting soil. I then stuck my plant in it and . . . . VIOLA!!!

Make sure you pick plants that stay somewhat small and that have shallow roots. And use a small paint brush {'cause I know you all have one just lying around yo' house!} to dust off any dirt that sticks to the side of the glass!

You can put a clear glass plate on top {CU-U-U-TE}, but make sure you remove any leaves that touch the side of the glass {prevents rotting}. Because a covered terrarium creates it own condensation, you should never have to water it {because you used moist soil - remember?!} If uncovered it will only need about 2-4 tablespoons of water a month - best to just mist!!
I'm planning on doing a couple more of these, but I want to get some moss to cover up the dirt!! I'll show pictures of these when I complete them!!

FYI - no direct sunlight, but enough natural light to read by!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

This looks wonderful! We are frantically in the studio..paintings are on the table!!! Have a blessed day!!

kari & kijsa

Holly said...

Love this! I may give it a whirl!

Melissa Santanastasio said...

ok very cute idea but for us complete palagegics please tell us the exact type of plany which makes this super cute, surely you did not think i could come up with that little bit on my own did ya.