Friday, March 21, 2008

Some better pictures of completed art . . .

Sorry guys, no crib picture yet!! We ran into a slight problem when we started putting it back together. Nothing major - we painted some metal parts white and they really need to be pink. The white was just really toooo white - if you know what I mean. It was bad enough that even Lonnie agreed knowing that it was going to make MORE work for him! We only have 3 days till lil' miss is here - so he has to finish it soon!!

But anyhoodle, I promised some pictures of completed art, so here ya' go! Now, a couple of these you already had a glimpse of - but these are just better pictures.

side view!

I'm really lovin' these flowers!! Just haven't gotten enough of them!

Pink + White + Brown = delish!!
Doesn't this one remind you of neapolitan ice cream?

So, I haven't done a painting with the stitched ribbon in for-evah!!! But I got this order and another one {it is a full namer on 12 x24 canvas} within a couple of days of each other!! I love the ribbon on a few of the dots - that was my first real "original - creative" moment when I started painting!

Just to let you all know, I have 2 more paintings to complete from the classic collection {Rachel and Shannon} and one small 8x8 essential collection {Rachel} and then I will be off having a baby. I ended up getting several more orders since these 3 {and you all know who you are!!} I've started on all of the backgrounds, but the rest will be on hold for a couple of weeks and then I'LL GET RIGHT BACK ON IT!! I promise!!

I hope everyone is having a great GOOD FRIDAY!!!

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Wendy said...

These are just beautiful!! You are getting better at this even. When you have your own talk show please remember us small folk o.k.?