Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where have I been???

I told myself that I was going to blog better - so where in the heck have I been??? Can I just tell ya that all my kids got some "funky monkey stomach thingy" - each one threw up in their bed. One on Sunday night, one on Tuesday night and another one on Wednesday night!!! How grosssss!!! And of course each episode went into the night and the weeee hours of the morning . . . . I'm sooo tired. Now - Lonnie was really good at helping me, but lets just face it - it's a woman's job and I was the one that stayed up the entire time making sure my babies were okay!!

Then if it couldn't get any worse, Thursday morning {after a night of taking care of the last sick child} I went to physical therapy. I felt somewhat sick at my stomach {thinking now I've got the "funky monkey stomach thingy!"} BUT - then it dawned on me - I'm having freakin' contractions!!! Now, my doctor is upstairs from my PT - so I went up and paid her a visit. I was hoping she would just hook me up to the monitor that she has in her office and check things out - SHE SENT ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!

Yes, I was having contractions - BUT nothing serious. They explained that since I had so many kids in such a short time span - I'm going to feel more with each pregnancy!! Yeah - thank the good Lord this is the last one!!! So, here I am -taking it easy . . . . with 3 kids, a dirty house, 42 loads of laundry patiently waiting, samples that need to be painted, a website I know needs to be completed ASAP, "sold" paintings needing some IMMEDIATE attention, TAXES {because it is that time of the year!} and a growling belly . . . . yeah - I'm taking it easy!!!

I'll blog some more tomorrow!!!


Melissa Santanastasio said...

i hear you girlfriend i am amazed at how my to do list is so gosh darn long and guess what it is still there tomorrow take it easy and rest it will all get done. it will be all good!!

Wendy said...

Please Please Please take it easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything else will wait!!