Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looky what I got today . . .

I totally couldn't help myself, I just had to get it, if I didn't I would probably JUST die, I know one day - she is going to have tons of stuff in this baby, WHAT little girl doesn't deserve a JEWELRY BOX?!

Don't you love it!? I sure do!! Seriously, didn't we all have one something like this? Or at least if you were born somewhere between 1975 and 1985 - I'm sure you did!! BUT I'm sure it wasn't as glamorous!!!! Was Pottery Barn Kids even around then - didn't think so!?!? We were so missing out!! BUT hey, we were so "BROKE", I'd have been missing out anyways even if it was around!!! My original "box" had Holly Hobby on it. But it still had a twirling ballerina when the lid popped open!!

What is so cool about this one - it comes with a "blonde" ballerina AND a "brunette" ballerina! We can swap her up!! Either could work around here, since one kid is dark headed and two are blonde - who knows how this kid will turn up!!

By the way - I did find a medallion for the ceiling. It should be arriving soon. Once I see the quality, I will definitely blog about it. I got it for a deal AND it is the "type" of material that my husband prefers to use {instead of the cheap plastic ones!} But again, I don't really want to rave about it toooooo much till I see the quality!!

By the way, did you see the suggestion that Kari and Kijsa left about a medallion on the previous post??? To use a picture frame!! What I cool idea!! I actually think I might be able to work with that above my kitchen table - I will be on the look out for the perfect "frame" or should I say "medallion"??!! Those two are some cool cats - I think if they lived near me, I would soooo be their friend - OR their stalker!! haha - Their creativity goes on forever . . . and they paint. I love folks that paint!! They are having a super cool give-away, so go visit those chickletts!!!

Well, I've got to update the family blog and then I MUST finish THIS PAINTING!!! I know you guys want to see some new work!!!


grantandclairesmom said...

I live close to Kari & Kijsa, and am fortunate to call Kijsa a friend. You would truly not BELIEVE how talented she is and how much unbelievable fun she is too! You should drive to Paducah if you can when they have their Spring show.

Kim said...

Oh my ---- I'm so jealous!!! Paducah is REALLY not that far . . . . I see road trip in my future!!!

Okay - so maybe next spring - I got to get this kid out of my body first!!!!

Rachel said...

Cute jewelry box! I still have mine from when I was little---it is actually an "It's a Small World" one from Disney World when I went when I was like 3 or 4. I have been on the lookout for one myself for my little miss! You are right every girl needs one.

Oh and yes I caught that cool suggestion and if you do it I can't wait to see! {that is if we ever see each other again---it's been almost 2 months---I'm having withdrawals---hee hee}

Kari & Kijsa said...

Okay- we are blushing!! Your kind words have made our day!!
So excited to see what fabulousness you create!! Love the blonde & brown haired option!! they do think of everything these days!!

kari & kijsa