Monday, February 11, 2008

Second day & I made it!!!

I found out today that Lonnie can come home on the 27th!! Who knows what happened to the 29th AND who cares!! That is 2 days sooner AND that is all that matters! I've actually got quite a bit conquered around here . . . almost complete with another painting . . . I will surely post it tomorrow {or maybe the next day!} That is really the only thing that I've done, but hey - I just started on it today!! I thought that was a good way to use my time. You know, focus on ONLY one thing at a time. That is way out of the box for me!! ha

I got an email that was inquiring about the smoothness of my paintings. AND on the monitor they do look "smooth" - but they aren't. Just the sealer alone shows so many brush strokes and then of course you got all the paint layered under that. I could possibly make them look a little smoother. Is that something you guys would prefer in a painting?? Seriously, I need to know - I want to make you guys happy! So, leave a comment on that one please!!!

Check out the lamp shades that I found for Emsley's room! Target sale - yeah me!!! It wasn't "that" cheap, but none the less on sale!! I love these lamp bases - they too came from Target and were teal!! Not like a tiffany's blue, but a screaming teal. I got them as a gift when I was pregnant with Hudson. I know everyone was wondering what the heck I wanted screaming teal lamp bases for especially when I was sooo excited about getting them, but I think everyone stopped asking those questions along time ago. I'm sure they knew I had some "Kim Tate plan" for them!!

The box you see will eventually have some kind of live plant in it. I'm still waiting for a better selection in the spring!!

As you can somewhat see, her furniture is a maple like color. Actually it is the Pottery Barn "honey" color. Head my warning - do not buy furniture from the Pottery Barn. I sooo love their stuff, but it is way over priced for the quality!! I'm really disappointed in the craftsmanship of it. I know that it has went through 3 of my kids so far, but it still is under 3 years old and we don't normally play in the room with that furniture. So, the wear and tear is just from casual use!!

Knowing all this, we know that this kidlet will get to use the furniture indefinitely {'cause I sure ain't stupid to leave it in a bedroom with 3 boys!! - If you know what I mean?!} All I have is a crib {actually 2} a dresser and a night stand. Well a girl = more clothes!! So, I needed another set of drawers somewhere else in the room. I found a chest of drawers at the unfinished furniture store we use {alot} for half off!! You heard me - half off!! What a steal!!! I plan on painting it PINK!! Distressed "rosy outlook" pink to be exact!!!

Now, those who have seen my furniture painting skills before - I know are jonesin' for this one. Don't worry - when this all comes together, you will be the first to see!! Another friend gave me an antique headboard, so when she goes to the "big girl bed" - I too will paint it the same color!! I also have a few other pieces that will fall victim under my paintbrush!! I sooo can't wait to get started!!

Please guys - let me know the smoothness thing. I can't get the paintings completely smooth, but I could probably do a little better. I personally, like the built up look with all the "seen" strokes - but I know that my taste doesn't normally reflect that of everyone else's. So, just comment so I know what direction to take from now on!!



Mommy said...

Makes no difference to me. In my thinking, if you see the strokes it just makes it more original and one of a kind (IMO of course). Emsley's room is coming together. Can't wait to see it.

Meredith said...

Let the strokes show! Otherwise, they will look like those flat canvas transfers that you can order from a catalog.

and yours are much, much cuter than that!

chriskauf said...

The paintings aren't machine made so they will have brush strokes, that's beautiful, that's hand made.

Jen G said...

I LOVE the texture of the canvas/paint strokes to show! I only asked because I couldn't believe how smooth they looked in the photos... Not to cause doubt!;)

Rachel said...

Yeah the originality comes from the built up look where you can see the strokes! Don't change a thing.

Natalie said...

Love the strokes ..... leave it be, sista!

Jenn said...

I like the original look of the paintings...strokes, streaks, all of it.