Saturday, November 24, 2007

I must apologize . . .

because a talented new friend, Kim, over at Today's Creative Blog featured my blog last week!!! I meant to put a little blip about it, but just got caught up in all the other stuff going on around here!! If you have never check out this site, you are so missing out!! First off, she will crack you up!! Second, she has featured some of the MOST craftiest people in the world . . . People that totally shadow me {seriously - no comparison}. . . Ladies in their own league . . . I'm assuming that last week she ran out of the "great people" to feature and had to dig deep into the bag to find me - ha! It truly is an honor to have MY blog seen by so many - thanks Kim!!!

By the way - check out her blog and leave a message!! She loves comments - tell her I sent you!!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

You go girl!! I left her a comment a long time ago. I think it is great that she featured you. I hope it brought you lots of hits.