Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How hysterical is this?

My great friend Krista came by last Friday!! And how funny are these pictures of Hudson?? Yes, that would be my "monkey-head" on the BACK of his furniture!!! I normally would NOT let my kid do this act on the good furniture, but we were really trying to get pictures of his name canvas in the picture {for website purposes!} And yes - my kid got a haircut on Monday!! He was looking a little shaggy and it didn't help that he flipped & flopped on the chair a hundred-gazillion times!! Still cute/funny pictures!!

She sit down at the computer and viewed a few of them and only sent me a few shots for me to see!!! She knew that I was dying to see the funny ones!! Now, I must patiently wait for the rest of them!! UGGHHHH . . . patience is not my best virtue . . . Krista, I think you made it harder on me by showing me these now!!! You should have made me wait!!

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