Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Confessions from a mad house . . .

I really think this title is so appropriate as I sit here at 4:30 in the morning updating my blog!! I'm currently busting my hump working on several paintings. As you can see, they are all spread out over the kitchen counter. {I know, nice work space . . . but until the twins move into big boy beds & into Hudson's ginormous room, this is the space I must work with!} Since I took this shot yesterday afternoon, I've added a couple of more to this crazy mix!! That totals up to 9 paintings right now!! My plan is for these to be OUTTA HERE by Friday!! As long as I keep up with the pace, that should be NO PROB! {Positive thinking - it's amazing!} So, I'm sure by now you guys are guessing that no project 2 this week . . . . WRONG!!!! I've got way too many people following up on this show and most of you have sent {or posted} pictures of your wreaths {Love it!!} So, I must keep going forward with this initial plan that I had.

Again, I will say that we are working on ornaments this week . . . AND since some things you need are on sale, I'm giving in (Courtney) and telling you guys what we are making so that you can go out and maybe "purchase" some items.
Now, if any of you are like me, you are going to want to visually "see" the ornaments before you spend the money for the materials - I totally understand!! But, I know there are too many folks wanting to know NOW!!! So, let's get started - I love to make clear ornaments with soft-like feathers inside - such as these above. I know that the picture is blurry, but you get the picture!! {Who cares anyways, I finally mastered getting my "small words" name on the picture - I need some tutorials on some photoshop!!} Definitely going to need clear ornaments - any shape, any size! {And ornaments are 1/2 off at HL this week!} Some feathers, don't forget about the feathers. I got these in the Christmas craft section of HL for 1.99 (+1/2 off) - my gut tells me that Christmas crafts will be on sale either next week OR the next. So, you might want to wait for the sale {or you might not!}

Another ornament will be some hysterical Christmas trees. I have not made these before, but they totally cracked me up when I saw them and KNEW that I had to make 'em! The best description = grinch like, whimsy . . . get the picture?? You will need some cute scrapbook paper, {which is too on sale at the HL} some wire, {not heavy gauge, more like the wire you would use with beads} oohhh - some beads - that will be a good little add on for the wire for some bling - and maybe some glitter!!

Okay, that is all for now!! I still have to go set up a FedEx account {hope I can do that online} and a group flickr thing {that's right - haven't quite done that yet!! - this is a confessions post} and I HAVE to update the family blog!!!

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and I will be talking to you tomorrow evening as I start the PROJECT: OPERATION TWO post!


Courtney said...

Thanks for the little sneak peek into the future projects. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to step into Hobby Lobby on Black Friday! ;) May have to wait until next week. Bring on project #2!!!

Momofthree said...

Can't wait! I'm putting my tree up very soon... so this is will be perfect.

Wendy said...

Wow kim! I am, as always, amazed... If I just had a little bit of your energy! :) And your talent!!