Monday, August 20, 2007

Why ebay is so uncool . . .

Okay - so I bid on and won the COOLEST tole chandelier in the world (thinking it will look super fabulous in my fun room!!!) For real folks, I stayed up till 2 in the morning and came in the last 5 seconds and won the light fixture. That was over 2 weeks ago, and I still ain't go my chandelier!! I emailed this dork after waiting for a week and he told me "his warehouse has to make sure that the light fixtures have all their parts before they are shipped off" - well duh?!?! It supposedly was missing the matching chain and plate (the part that affixes to the ceiling.) Anywho - this big dummy then said that it would be shipping out on the next business day.

So again, I waited a week, UPS came with other stuff but never with my beautiful, tole chandelier!!! So I emailed the stupid seller again - he said that "he would have a tracking number for me later that day and thanks for my patience" - did he ever send me a tracking number - NO!!!!

So, Sunday night I emailed him a FRANK message that simply told him that if the light had not shipped by that day, I want a full refund. I couldn't help myself, but I also told him that some of the parts being missing has got to be one of the lamest excuses that I've ever heard. And that he should have made sure all the parts were there before he listed it on ebay!! And I also had to throw in that I also think that it is EXTREMELY RUDE when a buyer immediately pays for the item and the seller does not leave feedback!!! I can't stand that!! I mean - let's face it - I did my part - promptly - I bid, I won, I paid - all within a 3 minute period. What is he waiting on - for me to leave feedback for him first - what a dumb a**!!!

Needless to say, he has not contacted me and I did file a formal complaint with paypal and ebay. I hate that I'm not getting my groovy chandelier, but I got to get my money back - there is another one out there waiting for me to buy it!!!! I'm so over ebay - I've got to find a new source for some great finds!!

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Rachel said...

Ok then! The trials and tribulations of ebay--precisely why half the time I see it but just don't fool with it. Anyway, more importantly where is a picture of this COOL chandelier?