Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lookie what I got today!!

I found a new website and I'm so in love!!! It's called Bay Berry Cove - and you guys have got to go check it out!! Look at how the package came to me!! Each individual piece was wrapped with a raffia ribbon tied around it. And look at what I got . . . for CHEAP!!!!

I think these little guys fit into my criteria for holiday decorating - "WACKY & TACKY"!!!! And I do love Halloween decor about as much as I love Christmas decor!! And I so have big plans for these little cuties!! There are others in this collection that I plan to collect!!

1 comment:

Sadie Olive said...

Very cute! I love Halloween, and Bayberry Cove.

Thanks for stopping by my site, so I could find yours! Very cute stuff in your online store.