Friday, February 19, 2010

Margo . . . .

Like normal, late with a post! Today is the first day all week that I truly feel normal - and it's FRIDAY?!?! I feel like my whole week was a bust! Unfortunately, 3 of my kids have some nasty cold now - Ugghh! I hope I didn't pass it along. {The one thing I hate sharing!}

Now, I have to work it overtime this weekend to get back on track {which I plan to do!}

Mazie {You're almost complete}
Paisley {I've got to email you!}

This was some super, cute bedding I got to work with! Love it! I was asked not to match any patterns in the bedding - since you only use this bedding for a couple of years! So, we worked with the colors.

I was told to use the 'Stella' painting as my inspiration.

Unfortunately, I kept getting so many different background shades of pink with every picture I looked at! So, I used SEVERAL shades on the canvas!

And since taking these pictures, I actually added small, pearl accents around the pink center of the blue flower. Too cute - You'll just have to take my word for it!

bedding pictures are from baby supermall site.

I have no sneak peek - but will surely be back with another completed one tomorrow!!!


Renée T. Bouchard said...

The Stella design was one of my favorites- I'm not surprised you've received other similar requests. Awesome job! And I hope you feel better and your kids don't catch whatever you had!

shabby girl said...

THAT IS SO CUTE! It will just be adorable in that room! Great job!

Maggie said...

Love it - you're on a roll girl!

Rach said...

That is super cute bedding!! Those colors look like they will match perfect. Love it!!

Paige said...

So, so cute! Glad you are feeling better.

Allison said...

So cute! I designed my sister-in-law's baby shower around this bedding--banners and centerpieces and what not. Love what you've done!

~Melissa~ said...

Oh I LOVE this!! If we have another girl, I may just have to request the "Margo design". ;)