Monday, January 18, 2010

Fantastic color scheme . . .

I'm somewhat frustrated with my computer and photoshop - only because I don't know how to use it?!? I've been running to the other computer for picture uploads. But Lonnie was on that one, so I had to brave the MAC - only I'm not very brave. And I've not had the time to learn this joker! So, I've spent the better half of naptime screaming obscenities at this thing - because you know, I'm the kinda girl that does that! Classy, I know!

BUT as promised - better pictures!!!!! I still have not adjusted my camera settings, but I had alot of direct sunlight - which obviously helps.

Since I was having PS issues, I combined fabric swatches, paint chips and room pics into one picture.

I normally hang whatever I have for color matching on this doo-hickey when I paint. I love it - makes for some major convenience. Check out the fabrics! I love the patterns together! Notice there are 2 beds?? But there is only 1 child {in this room - not in the family!} So, we decided to paint a "W" for her first name and an "M" for her last name! Lucky us, it was the same letter flipped! Makes for great balance!

I'm really liking these tween rooms! Most that I've done are not the "girly" type - but the mothers still really want them to be {just a little!} So, I really enjoy making it work between the 2 personalities.

I swear these are 2 different canvases!! {I did NOT flip them - remember my PS issues!?} {And for the record - Photoshop for a PC looks different than Photoshop for a MAC!!!}

Since I just spent all my quite time with the pictures and this post - I gotta go! I promised this to be shipped out TODAY! And I haven't boxed these up?!?

And let me just give you another sneaky peeky on my way out!

Have YOU emailed me? I'll get on it tonight!


shabby girl said...

I LOVE those beads!!! So cute! You have got this down girl!

Paige said...

So, so cute! Keep up the great work.

Holly said...

very cute Kim!

Maggie said...

Adorable Kim - Love how they turned out.

Don't fear the Mac... I've got 2 here at the house, another at work and if I could afford a macbook I'd be all over it.

Blogless me said...

I like your "twin" paintings a lot - particularly the flow of the curves.
I was contemplating why one can have the impression that they were "flipped" and I think it is the overlapping of the curves in the letter W. You go down, then up but the part going up instead of covering the part going down, is hidden behind it. This is counter intuitive when we think of "normal" writing.
Anyway, it's just as adorable.

Jill said...

I just LOVE your paintings! They are gorgeous. I haven't visited in forever (and haven't ever replied, I don't think) I might just need to get in my order to add to your orders!