Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One fantastic give-A-way . . .


But Kelly is!!! And let me tell you - it is way better than any art that I would give away!!! Everybody knows Kelly! That is one popular girl! With one gitisimo heart of gold. And she has a great southern accent {I do to. Saying I have an accent, not that it's great - but it is totally Tennessee - hers is so Arkansas and I love it! haha} I know that when I meet her in real life {because I know I will} We are going to be great friends!!! This girl is giving away a flippin' computer! An HP TouchSmart PC! I just told my husband I wanted one of these! Go check it out NOW! But don't enter . . . . it lessens my chances of winning! I was just told to blog about it - NOT to ask you to enter the give away {haha!} As long as you understand this, we are good!!


So, I'm still painting {like some mad woman on some kinda crazy drugs!} And I'm determined to keep up this pace {if not faster!} So, I'm hoping you will see all kinds of art this week!!!

This canvas was a challenge . . . . but only until I got started. Once the paint hit the canvas, it came to me. So, I'm admitting that I had no plan for this one! Color wise that is! See, it is a gift. And the giver really like the "Stella" painting . . . everyone knows which one that one is right??!?! The one on my home page that Emme is posing with even though it was Emme and the painting said Stella {?} So, what was the problem, you ask since she knew what she liked? Well, I was told they call this kid "Bulldog." The Stella painting was predominantly pink . . . not quite the bulldog type, ya' know! So, we racked our brains about all the colors I could use. I should add that I had no bedding to match. But I did know that the walls were green - but not a specific green color.

So, I just started painting . . . . and I'm soooo happy with the results!

It is slightly different in design to the Stella - but this is a 12x12. I didn't have as much space to paint - so I kept it to the basic flower design but with no glitter, beads or bling! {By request!}

I'm into my little dots lately! {The reason you are seeing alot of them!}

Okay - I've got to paint like mad, RIP tonight {which I swear I'll tell you guys about that soon,} drop off the kids with dinner back at the house and then finish up my Christmas shopping because NO I didn't do that by the end of November! Lonnie is going to be gone to Maryland/DC for a military conference for a few days and I have to nip that before he leaves or it will drive me nuts! I say all that to say I'll be back tomorrow with more art!

btw - Z is for Zadie . . . I'm sure you guys wanted to know!

I know - just another cool name!

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Kelly said...

You are sweet!
I hope we DO meet one day!