Sunday, December 20, 2009

Breagyn . . .

Talking about forever for me to get back to you with some art!!!!

So I lied . . . this one does have dots! But not so many. I knew that I wanted this one to have stripes {predominantly!} But I really didn't have a real plan when I made that "no dot" promise!!

Breagyn is a{n almost} 9 year old. I had to make this one appropriate for a tween! The color combination is fantastic!

I painted the exact pattern on the side that you see in the center.

By the way - this one is for Cora's sister.

Yes, another incredibly short post . . . I have to figure out what is left for me to do before the holidays officially kick off here at our house!


Paige said...

Beautiful! I love the color combination. Have a great Sunday!

Allison said...

Love it, Kim!!! Are you almost done your orders, and at a point where you can start to enjoy the holidays? XOXO Allison

Racheal - Miles Away In France said...

Just wanted to say Hi I am back. Your work is just as good as I remember it from a year ago.

I am visiting all my old links with a view to starting up my blog x