Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I know some of you think I have died!

I haven't! But I might feel like it in the morning since this looks to be an all niter - I have sooo much to catch up on it is ridiculous. I'm going to cram alot into this post just so you feel like you haven't missed anything . . . okay? So, stick with me - I'll throw some art in the mix for those that don't really care about what is going on, but only want to see what is new in with business! {haha - which isn't much!} So here goes . . . .


First off - I'm still going through all my emails - please don't give up on me. It really has been chaotic. And then something weird happened to my email account and I didn't get a bunch of mail until a week later! Luckily, I don't get a whole lot of spam - so basically all the mail is legit - but it looks horrible when I don't get back to people asap! And fortunately for you reading this, I thought the blog was needing more attention!

Because it has been something like 18 and a half weeks since my last post - o' yeah, a true slacker in the internet department!


The boys had a birthday party! I think I made small mention about it in one of my last post. This year we went with a monster theme! And let me tell you . . . the older monster {by 2 minutes} is only slightly obsessed with the monsters now?! We really had a blast this year. I think because they really got what was going on - especially Carson!

This picture cracks me - kinda gross - but funny none the less! I bought these little guys at Target. I had seen them, but when I went back to get them several days later {I was waiting on payday?!} the jokers were gone! So, I ordered them online! They really don't fall in line with my Halloween decor, but they match wonderfully in the boys' room! And it's a good thing - Mr. Monster Obsessed can't stop looking at them!

Unfortunately, I made the cake{s} this year. My caterer friend, {Rachel normally does all my cakes,} is pregnant this year and I was trying to give her a small break . . . . only because I was planning on her making some of her own food for her baby shower! haha - just kidding! But no one ended up in the hospital till several days later . . . so you can't blame any of my cooking!

This picture was taken right after Carson and Lawson opened gifts - this wasn't near the kids we had at the party, but I like how I was semi-trapped by the kids in the corner {story of my life!} Notice I'm still carrying on a conversation AND using my hands during the conversation- sheer talent!

And since Carson has been talking about the "dragon castle" for weeks {after a brief look at one at another friend's party - in JULY,} the world was right when he saw he finally got his own! Seriously people, this boy has been "dreaming" of the dragon castle for the past week because he knew he was getting it for his birthday! It was one of the most precious things ever!


I also gave Lawson a haircut in the back! This boy doesn't do so well when we get the do done. So, I've been trying to clean up the neck to make the chore easier for my hair doer. It only took me 3 days! And you all will be happy to know that tonight {while he was bathing} I finally got around the ears. It took so long, his water was cold! Oops! Definitely not the best haircut - but they didn't teach that in business school!


**Home Love Alert**

This was my old faucet. Nothing is wrong with except it was just wrong. That sounded stupid, I know! But let me clarify - My sink sits at an angle. This faucet sits too low and too much water would run off of whatever I was rinsing onto the counter behind the sink. Well, my 5 foot self is just too dang short to reach behind it and wipe it up every freakin' time!!!!! I would have to literally walk around the bar to clean off the counter! It was getting ridiculous!

Okay - and the fact that it just isn't my style and doesn't quite fit in with my taste!!

My plumber didn't get started till 12 {midnight!} But very shortly after . . .

the new guy was installed! I'm not a fan of brushed nickle - but until we redo this kitchen entirely {if we ever do,} nickle is what it will have to be! This style works so much better!!! I get very little "mist" on the backside of the counter and I can easily reach it! Nothing like the puddles of water before.


We also went to the pumpkin patch.

An incredibly easy corn maze! {Nothing like the one we got stuck in for 4 hours in the middle of the night at Rippavilla 5 years ago! Too bad I didn't have a blog then - that would have made one hysterical post! As a kid I watched Children of the Corn way too many times - not comforting when it's 1 am and you hear very unusual sounds in all directions! And your lost - in a field of CORN!!}

Em had way too much fun in the troughs full of corn!

So what was Hudson making this look for?? Let me tell you why . . . .

He's not a dummy - he wanted to know "what a watermelon had to do with a pumpkin patch!?" Who cares the fact that it weighed way more than he. And sitting on it was the last thing he wanted to do! haha!

Lawson was mesmerized with all the pumpkins - and he was stoked that he got his own! We do aim to please!

Carson wanted to walk so badly. He is really at the age to where he wants to be big. Towards the end of the big day, we let him walk a little. The choo-choo wagon is great for all the kids. And I feel very comfortable walking behind it so I can see all my little chickens. But sometimes we have to give in to the fact that they are growing up a smidge. And let them walk!

Here you can tell how much my daughter DOES NOT look like me!

And my attempt to get all my kids in one picture looking at the camera - who cares that no one was smiling! I love how Lawson has the serious look - he does in every single group shot we have ever done!

I know we didn't dress very "fallish" but I was just wanting pumpkins - pictures were an after-thought!


And guess who started preschool on Monday!?


And though it has only been 3 days - you are not going to believe the difference in this kid!!! It is amazing how they break into his little head! I was a little stressed before he started. For one, he goes to a different school than Hudson. Long story - but Hudson goes to the school we were zoned for last year. They built a new school that opened this year that we are now zoned for. I had the option of moving Hudson to the new school, but I chose to keep him where he was at due to his hate of transitions. AND I was hoping Carson would get in when Lawson did. AND they don't put siblings together. And since there is a morning and afternoon program, I could space it out with one at the old school and 2 at the new one. {Are you following me?} Welp, Carson is considered "typical" so he didn't make it. But Lawson one the other hand, did get in. BUT then I was told that only afternoons were available. I wanted him in the morning {because he still needs a nap} and the simple fact that Hudson was in the afternoon program 14 minutes away at the old school.

So, you just asked me how I was going to be in 2 places at one time? I don't know - I was just going to make it happen! Actually, I prayed to God that He would make a child in the morning session move to another city and give his slot to Lawson. And He did. Okay, so not all of that is entirely true - a child did move, but I didn't pray that. I did, however, know this is exactly where Laws was suppose to be and I really did ask Him to make it happen. And although I was a little stressed about it, I knew it was going to work.

Yeah, I know - WoW!

And let me add - these are not the schools we are really zoned for. We are only zoned for them for preschool - because the school we are zoned for doesn't offer the program we need!


Last night I ended up in the ER - no pictures! Sorry! I had been in incredible amounts of pain, but it had finally began to subside. And when I say pain, I could barely walk. And I still stayed in tune with the daily doings. Which made it so much worse! Lonnie was so afraid it was my appendix - so he made me go to the hospital.

So, I took my happy hinny to the hospital, checked myself in and waited . . . . forever. I sat there long enough to convince myself I was pregnant! I did! I watched a fantastic documentary on the PBS channel and heard the name "Brooksley" and thought I was for sure having a girl and that would be her name! No lie. I really was thinking crazy. After they pushed around on my abdomen area, we really were concerned it was the appendix. So after some nasty "joo-joo" they did a CT scan.

The results - a ruptured cyst on my ovary! I've had a couple of these in the past - years ago! I never, not one time, thought that the pain I was experiencing was that?! They also saw something else to cause me to have an ultrasound for a little further investigating. Dang birth control pills! Yes, I'm off of them and that is what happened - I'm sure of it! I have another week of so before the ultrasound - I'll let you all know.

So, apparently my husband's vasectomy worked. I now have to push away my plans for baby Brooksley far back in the recess of my mind and forget about it!


**Art Alert**

The background of this one is white. I just took this picture in the evening - so the lighting is not quite the best!

"Dane" is to match the Oscar bedding by Pottery Barn Kids. Great color combination in this bedding! But of course I would think that - it would match the boys' room perfectly!

The sides are a very pale blue!

The car cracks me up in this bedding! I just like it for some reason! ha!


Well, I have approximately 2 months to finish up all my current orders! Unfortunately, I found several that were put somewhere other than my clipboard once they come off the printer. These were from a long.long.long.time ago. As embarrassing as this is, I'm going to have to email each of these people and ask if they are still interested in these orders. I have no idea how this over site happened. But it did. I'm fairly organized - but obviously not enough! I really have to get better at it! Ugh! I feel horrible!

But, I'm currently jammin' away to some Christmas tunes to help me finish up the last 70 something orders! I really want to be done with all current orders by Christmas. Two months - I can do this! I can!


Hello - are you still here?! Unbelievable!

Now seriously - 499 followers!!!! First off - I can't believe that many people follow me. Second - the one more is going to drive me batty for the 500 mark!

Just saying!

I think that sums it all up! Now I have to get some coffee! It's going to be a long night!


HouseMama said...

You are one busy girl!!!

I just love the new faucet.

Shady Lady! said...

Glad to have an update - you are super busy! The faucet looks awesome. You have a lot to do before Christmas - just make sure you take time to enjoy the holidays as well.

I signed up to "follow" - I dont think I had ever done that!

newmanfamily said...

Girl, I love your posts! Where to start? Faucet looks good! Party looked fun! Art looks great! Hope the ultrasound goes well next week!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I just love reading your blog and seeing your kiddos and art. You mentioned they were not dressed for fall, but at least they all matched. :)

Natalie said...

FINALLY - SHEESH ... I was wonderin'

Glad the boys enjoyed the party - loving the monster theme!!

Ems is just .... too cute for words.

Love the faucet and your art, is well, so adorable as always!!

Glad you are feeling better - remember, if mama can NOT get sick!!


Robin said...

Yippee! It looks like you got to "500"!!

You are making me tired just reading you. How in the world do you do it all?

The kids are adorable and just getting SO GROWN!

Love the faucet, too! I have brushed stainless, but am wishing I had gone with the oil-rubbed bronze now....but that will have to wait a LOONG!


Robin :o)

southerninspiration said...

Congrats on 500 and a new faucet....
Lots to celebrate!


Holli said...

Check out Em's top two teeth! I was starting to wonder about the birthday party! Love them monsters so boyish!

A Southern Accent said...

Where do I start - I love your posts - they are so real, just out there! Sorry to hear about the trip to the ER - but glad you are doing better! Love the new faucet - where did you get it because I need one NOW!!!! Can't believe how much difference it makes! Also, I loved the whole monster them they have at Target for Halloween this year - and how perfect is that for a b-day party! Hang in there you!

tale of many cities said...

i agree.. just reading this post makes me tired. you really are a rock star to keep up with all that you do!

oh, and i STILL think Em looks like you!! she definitely has your spirit. :)

hang in there!

Kodi said...

Okay, I've been DYING to e-mail you, but don't want to be obsessive, so I'm so relieved to hear you are okay! I have to say, I was hoping the "art" part was going to have a picture of Manning's canvas. :) Little guy is due in TWO weeks, and I can't wait to see the painting! Glad your little men had a great party!

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...


I have missed you.

You are hilarious.

Too bad about Brooksley.

I love that you have 500 followers.

Love the kids birthday, pumpkins and your family.

You are busy and love the new faucet.


Lauren said...

The new faucet is beautiful!

I love the pic of you and Em...

I'm so glad preschool is going well...

What IS it with you and the bc??