Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've really got it together lately!

Ha! Or so I want you all to think! I'm really spitting these out! Too bad I've not answered emails in days! SO tonight . . . I promise to answer EMAILS!! We are actually about to head out the door but I had promised to get this one up!

I really like the "Sophie Bedding" from Pottery Barn Kids! A great color scheme that will definitely grow with most little girls.

Is it just me or does Pottery Barn not set up the best looking rooms ever? I'd say the only thing missing is a piece of my art! {tee hee}

Yo - PBK . . . call me!

Since I started this lil' business, I paint the most to coordinate with Pottery Barn bedding. They seem to use the same colors in different combinations which makes it easy to match.

I love dots!

I picked this font because I LOVE this "k" . . . just couldn't help myself!

Sorry for such a short post, but I gotta go! Stay tuned . . . tomorrow's edition is about big fat mistakes and how one got away with a misspelling!

Yeah, you read right!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

So pretty Kim~

Roxanne said...

I love PBK! Hopefully one day soon, I can buy nursery bedding from there and you can paint something to match!

Southern said...

Love the polka dots! You could do that with a lot of different rooms!

Todd and Courtney said...

I love PBK. My baby girl, Lauren, has the Garden Party set in her nursery!

Lauren said...

Just lovely!

The Writer Chic said...

I think that is my favorite font I've ever seen of yours. LOVE IT!

lizzydavenport said...

I just love this room. It glows and screams I AM A LITTLE PRINCESSES ROOM! (but in a hushed scream of course...we wouldn't want to wake that sleeping baby). I love your signs too. I've always wanted a little boy, but that bedding and the adorable poka-dot signs make me want to have a little girl. - Jennifer