Monday, June 15, 2009

I only have a minute . . .

***edited again - okay, the deadline is midnight Wednesday {the 17th.} Small words is sitting with over 500 comments {as of 10:30 Monday night} but there are still 7 people that have more! People, we have to make some tracks if small words is going to have the most comments . . . . remember I'll do a give-a-way next week if I have the mostttt! And it will be for something better than today's give-a-way! Go see the Nester and comment!! Pa-Leez! And folks - there are some super cute and great stuff over there {other than mine!} And it's Free! The kind of free you DON'T work for! Check it all out!

**edited - the POST is up!!! Go comment!

Guess what - the Nester is doing all kinds of crazy give-a-ways today! And guess who is giving a $50 gift certificate??? Just guess! Okay, I'll tell you - ME!!!

Lucky you, she is doing it right! Every hour or so, a new post will go up with a different give-a-way.

And all you have to do is leave a comment! THAT is IT, people! You don't have do all that mess where you go to the person's site, find your favorite thing, come back to Nester, comment about your favorite thing. NOR do you have to post about it on your blog! Or my personal fave - put a button on your blog promoting that business/blog! Jeesh! Uhmmm, yeah - can you tell that all gets on my last nerve?? So, many of these give-a-ways are traffic driven! Let's just have some stinkin' freebies!!!!! No work involved! If you do it right - they will come back! Guaranteed!!!!

Get cracking and get over there and start leaving comments! Last time she did a give-a-way for a piece of mine, I got almost 1000 comments! One of my shining moments! Now, let's get it over the thousand mark this time! Please! Tell everyone you know! I want to be the give-a-way"er" that has the most comments!

If I am - I'll do another give-a-way next week here on my blog!! But only if I get the most comments out of all the Nester's give-a-ways that go up today by the deadline {which I believe is Thursday, the 18th!} Now - go to the NESTER's blog {and as of 7:16 am central time my post is not up yet!} and get to commenting!

Now, I know what you are thinking - I just preached about traffic driven blogs and then I just offered up a give-a-way if I have the highest number of comments on my post at the nester's - but that give-a-way {for next week} is for you - My dear readers! The ones who devote their time to come back and read about my kids, my art and {maybe} me?! Day after day - you come to the EP blog to see what the heck is going on in my crazy world! THAT is who that give-a-way will be for! Not for the random strangers who peek once and never come back!

Did I tell you how much I love you lately?

Thanks - and you have a great day now. . . YOU deserve it! {tee hee}

baby story, baby story - I know - it's ready to post! But I wanted to get through today's post of a give-a-way . . over at the Nester! A $50 Gift Certificate! From me! You know you want it! Now, go get it!!


Swan Family said...

I hope I win!!!!!!

Larry and Kara Wright said...

I would love to win!

Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

AWESOME. I can't wait for yours to post... Crossing fingers and toes!

Kristin said...

I am so excited that you are doing a giveaway..I love your work and I read your blog faithfully!

Jessica said...

Have I told you how much I love you?! No? Well, it's a lot. :)

Lindsey Stelly said...

Winning is so fun!! So is looking at your blog!! Fun, FUN, FUNNNN!!

Kim said...

You're cracking me up... I have to have "that" postal sorting table... but... I did find you one! I've got a nervous twitch just waiting for Curtis & his army of people [it's gonna take to move it... so heavy] to pick it up and get it in my house!

Robin said...

It's UP!!!!!! I just registered and I SO WANT TO WIN!!

You are so funny!!


Robin @

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I commented over at the Nesting Place for the giveaway you hosted and had to check out your website and blog. Love your stuff! I have added you to my resource list as I could see some of my clients being interested in what you carry. You do lovely work.

julie & joe said...

My husband was watching Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3d in the picture. I thought it was funny.....sent it into the paper for Father/Son photos for Father's Day.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Kim, once again-appreciating your opinions. I'm one of those that with my first giveaway, did that enter with a comment, another entry to become a follower, another entry for mentioning my giveaway, etc...

hope that doesnt keep you away from checking back.

This was what was suggested for someone like me starting out in blog world with no followers.

Oh well, I will definitely keep that in mind!
Thanks again, sincerely!

Robin said...

GUUURL...the AR scam has made it to AOL and Good Morning America....can you believe that?


Robin ;o)

Still hoping I!

Clint and Sara Howard said...

What beautiful work you do. I am so glad I found this site. Great ideas for gifts!