Sunday, May 10, 2009

A painting, a miracle, a small collection and another sneaky peeky!

Here is the bedding the next painting matches.

I'm in love with this font and I felt like it matched the style of the bedding perfectly.

This was going to be Hudson's name if he was a girl. We called him Hudson-Hadley almost the entire pregnancy. It was the hardest thing to drop "Hadley" when we found out he was a boy. We just got so use to calling him that!

A miracle happened today - truly a miracle! Not only can we park in parking garages, ride on elevators . . . but we can actually wear a band-aid! I'm serious! A band-aid! I am so proud! Hudson was proud, too!

I know so many of you don't understand - but this is true sensory overload for this kid! Really - this is a big deal! And I think he is overcoming some of this stuff! The band-aid lasted for about 2 hours which is absolutely amazing. He has never had one on his body for more than negative 3 seconds! In the past, I've started to open one up and as soon as he sees it has a sticky back - he turns and runs. He has just started wearing stickers, too! The power of OT! Thank you Ms. Diana!

One of my many obsessions - children's books! We have soooo many. And I do mean soooo many. The piles of books get out of control every single day because my kids I broke down and bought some super cute shelves from Pottery Barn Kids - but they were white. They had red - but I waited too long and those sold out! So I bought a can of spray paint and hosed them down. Lonnie hung them up this weekend. Ahhhhh - I love them! This {by no means} even puts a dent in our collection. I seriously think we have over 600 books. And my kids have them all memorized! I've told you all before that I'm raising nerds! I think I've instilled the love of learning/reading and all that crap - now I'm trying to work magic on their social skills!

For those who don't know - we made the bonus room the boys' bedroom. After all, I needed a room big enough for 3 boys! This room has an odd nook behind the door. We originally had a 30 gallon fish tank in it - but it got so old! So here is a peek of what it looks like currently. I have a ton of art that will also hang in here - no point showing it all to you now! I still want to have some kind of tour when I get done! Or if Kelly waits and does children's rooms last - I will tag onto hers! Did you hear me Kelly - LAST - I need more time!!!

Well crud! I just went to link to Kelly's blog . . . . and she has children's rooms for NEXT Friday!!! Dang! Maybe she will reschedule - maybe . . .

This caused me to have to go through all of their books. Some of them needed some minor surgery {tape!} and a bunch needed to go into Em's room and a couple went in the trash. I've actually ordered another shelf that will go onto another wall to hold more books. Clutter control!

And I will end this post with another sneaky peeky! I hope to finish this one by tomorrow so I can show you guys! Will see.

I hope everyone is having a great Mother's Day!


Paige said...

Way to go Hudson!!

I love the shelves! Books are one of my favorite things to gift to new mothers. Love Hadley's name and can't wait to see what the sneaky peek looks like!

Happy Mother's Day!

Libzsonshine said...

YEAH Hudson!! I'm a peds OT and work with MANY, MANY sensational sensory kids! Congrats! It's always so exciting to see those little baby steps!!

Absolutely love the shelves AND your paintings!

Miss Libby, OTR/L

T Lee said...

Kim...that is very encouraging and awesome for hudson (and you!) It is great that seem to have a great OT! My 3 year old, Jackson, loves that Llama, Llama book!!! We have several of the ones in your nice new shelves.
Sounds like things are upbeat and positive right now, Happy Mother's Day times four.

tale of many cities said...

happy Mother's Day to you too! and happy for Hudson and you!

Always a Southern Girl said...

Cute Shelves and little nook. Love the painting of the name Hadley!!

Yeah Hudson, my step-son has sensory issues and has OT as well.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Kelly said...

Okay.....Just for YOU - I'm going to change the schedule up and we'll do kids rooms in a few weeks instead!!!

Mistress said...

OT is a powerful thing!!!


Jessica said...

I'm a future teacher - needless to say I think reading at such a young age is WONDERFUL! You are doing your kids SUCH a favor, I promise!

Love the edges on that sneaky peak!!!

Rach said...

They look good there! very cool! And WOW aid and blood pressure all in the same week. Now that is progress bud!! Great job!

bigSIS said...

We too have hundreds on children's books. My four boys are constantly leaving piles of books everywhere but on the shelves. I can't get too worked up over it though because I understand their love of books. I'm thinking of donating a bunch to our new church library though. That way other kids benefit from all these books, my house stays a bit "clearer of the clutter", and my boys still benefit.

Can't wait for the "full view" of yesterday's sneaky peeky.

Hooray for the Miracle! =) Every step counts.


Megan L Hutchings said...

I totally can relate to an obsession with children's books...they are GLORIOUS :)!!!

Love all of the paintings!

shabby girl said...

That must feel sooo great for you and Hudson! Every little step is huge!
Love the shelves!

Mommy said...

YAY Hudson! I know all too well how big those sensory milestones are! That's a BIG one! HOORAY!

The Long Family said...

Hadley is my #1 girl name!!! And great job for Hudson! I also really like the PBK penelope and Kate!!!

Leigh said...

That is fantastic for Hudson! Yeah! My son is on the opposite of sensory....he requires a lot of pressure and hard play. So I understand about the sensory difficulties. I love Hadley too, it's so sweet!

Kim said...

I love the reading nook/corner... too cute!