Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mac it is!

Well, it seems the ol' girl still has a smidge of life in her! BUT - we have made the executive decision to go mac when she dies. Which I'm sure will not be long! And to tell you the truth, I think it is photoshop that is killing her! I try hard not to even open that program up lately, 'cause I know that is what is doing it to her. I feel bad - like I'm causing assisted suicide or something. I mean, I know she is in a lot of pain - but I need her for now and I really don't want her to croak on me!!

I've actually finished up some work {but you are all going to kill me - especially those waiting to see theirs,} but I don't have any pictures! I've been busy trying to catch up and haven't taken any pics {I swear I will tomorrow!} Of course I jinxed it {like I KNEW I would} and had a lazy weekend! And I do mean LAZY! To the point I feel actual guilt and can't stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Yeah, that bad.

Anyhoodle, I spent ALOT of time with my kids though and it was great! Just true time with them. The number one thing about having so many kids {4 in 35 months if you needed a reminder!} has got to be . . . . . .

. . . . . they have each other!!! When I say they played together, I mean the had a fun time sharing the water table! Of course Hudson got to splashing everybody. But . . . .

. . . . . but got slightly upset when Carson thought it was so cool to reciprocate the fun. This picture absolutely Cracks.Me.Up! Obviously, Hudson didn't like water splashed on him! What a ninny!

Then one morning I got up really early {okay - I do that every morning!} but this time I didn't paint, didn't check the computer, didn't run, didn't even drink COFFEE! I put together this . . . .

. . . . . that's right - a pirate ship! Hudson got this for his birthday in April! Slacker mom here, hadn't put it together until now. This joker is cool!

It is all wooden! And the detail is so fun.

Thanks Joanne for this incredibly gift! {when did your blog go private!?}

I think MckMama would be proud of these pics!? Don't you think? I wish I could tell you more about my lens?! I have no idea - I'll have to ask Krista or Rachel what it is - the first advised me and the second shopped with me!

Carson has been obsessed since he saw it. And actually wants to sleep with it? I know, I know - what a weird-O! I told him that was crazy and that I would blog about it and everyone would laugh at him. For some reason the 2 year old in him really didn't care!

It came with 5 pirates - but they are more realistic looking than you would think that should come with the ship. BUT hey, we love pirates around here!! No matter the shape, form or fashion! But it doesn't matter about the pirates, the ship is for the only love in Carson's life . . . .

. . . . . Uhmmm, yeah - I'm for real! Nasty ol' Shrek! He has informed me on several occasions that "I wanna be like Swreck!" And there is always the "I wuvs Swreck." Up to that point he has never seen the movie or anything of Shrek. At sometime we had gotten these figures from McDonald's happy meals {had to be before Carson and Lawson were eating real food - 'cause since, we just buy a 20 piece nugget and a large order of fries - feeds all 4!} Carson, Laws and Em have no idea what a happy meal is! Sad, but true.

We borrowed the Shrek movie from our neighbors - and I'm shocked at how gross it is - it really is not a movie for kids! And you know, I've seen it before, knew it wasn't a good "kid movie" - but man, when you have your own kids and sit down to watch it with them . . . . let's just say it took a whole new meaning!

Sadder to say . . . he has watched it about 2.6 million times since then! Please don't judge me . . .

When we are not watching Shrek - we have been wearing out this new pool!!!

And let me say that this girl LOVES it! She is like a fish!!! Of all my kids, she needs swim lessons like yesterday! She puts her face in the water!! Kicks! Moves her arms in swimmy motions! I'm impressed!

And there is nothing in the above picture that looks like me . . . that is all Lonnie - so don't even say it!


Mistress said...

4 in 35 months!! You are a PRO!!!

I am glad you got to hang out with the kids! That is what we did and it was enjoyable... My camera seems to get forgotten a lot though :o(

I would love to know your thoughts about Mac. I am not sure I want to go from Windows to Mac but I am leaning towards it. We will see.

I do not like Shrek. I can't stand him!!! LOL

Matt, Allison and Jade said...

You or Lonnie{my mom's name is Lannie(she has always thought it sounded like a boys name and now I know why)}, doesn't matter, she is precious!!!! All your kids are so cute and lucky to have you!

Great pictures too...your lens must be quality...and it helps to have such cute subjects:)

Natalie said...

Please ship Ems to me - I will teach her how to swim - after I EAT her!!!

Mary Jean, also known as "The Dough Nut" said...

i just got a macbook last week and I am so in love with it....go for it when yours dies. it is so worth the extra money. you can't even compare it to the PC. I understand the hype now!

Love your stuff!

missy said...

you have to go will love it!!!!!!!
we have desk top and lap, love, love, both!!!!!!!
what an AWESOME just have to have weekends like that sometimes!!!!!!!
and the pirate ship........WOW.....i love it so i can imagine what a little boy thinks.....way cool!!!!!
hope you are having a great week!!!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I am afraid our home computer is walking the plank soon too :(! I am excited about possibly getting a new one, but I have a hard time letting go...LOL!

That pirate ship ROCKS!!!

Love the pics of Emsley!!!

tale of many cities said...

that is one adorable baby girl!

Swan Family said...

Those are some adorable pictures! I love them and that Emsley is so precious!! I want to squeeze those cheeks!

Nicole said...

I love my mac!! I was a pc user before. It took a while for me to learn but the mac store has free classes on Fridays and my brother is just a phone call away! Love the Garageband feature. I have had people over to record songs ect.. its gets the creative juices flowing! :)

Danine said...

if that lovely pirate ship disappears...umm don't look for it in Pennsylvania with my hubby playing with it. He feels like he's a pirate in disguise (and truly drives me nuts!).

Love the pictures and it looks like fun was had by all!

Micah Wolf said...

yay for macs! you will love it.

joanne said...

What GREAT pictures of the pirate ship! LOVE it. I didn't have a plan to get ANOTHER pirate ship to the Wheeler family, but this one had Hudson's name on it and I COULDN'T resist! I also thought the boys might enjoy play with both ships. So glad it worked out. You will have to remind me what kind of camera you got- LOVE the shots! xo -J.

Tracy said...

Oh we need that pirate ship! Do you mind sharing who it is made by or where I can sweep one up for my DS's pirate birthday party?