Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I will admit {knowing I will probably just jinx it} but I've been on a mad roll with painting! I'm averaging about 1 painting every day and a half. That is freakin' AWESOME!! It has so much to do with the fact that 5 hours of the boys' weekly therapy is done here at the house. Speaking of which - I'm in a huge battle with my insurance because of it. They are denying all the claims for home health. Since "technically" the boys are not "home-bound" - of course they don't see the big picture nor do they care. But I'm trying to battle it out {in a non-trailer trash way} with the proper appeals and blah, blah - I will keep you all inform of my progress. Until then, I guess we will figure out a way to pay for it out of pocket. I've joked around for so long that I would sell my soul to the devil to continue all the boys' therapy because we have seen such huge progress with it. Well, I guess it is official - The Devil is Out to Get ME!!! Now, I don't really believe that, so no one take me serious. I firmly believe God has stepped in - afterall, I did say we have seen HUGE progress!

It also helps that Carson and Lawson's last day of Mom's Day Out was last week and Hudson's last day of preschool is quickly approaching at the end of this week! Since I don't spend quite as much time on the road or at a doctor/therapist office, I can actually put my children back on their original schedule AND I can actually get some things accomplished! Which includes paintings! And that, my friends, is why I've been posting so much art lately!

FINALLY! I hear you! I feel the same way - I feel like I'm finally able to clear out some orders that I've had sitting over here waiting for my time {that I've not had!}

The Luke painting is a gift. Not from me - but from a best friend's sister who will be giving it to a teacher she had when she was in school, who {obviously} recently had a baby. {haha - you got that?} I'm totally lifting these pictures from Luke's room - that my bestie lifted for me off of facebook. I do not have permission to use these. Soooo, if the best friend's sister's ex-teacher who just had the baby, asks me to remove the pictures I will definitely do that. {haha - now, I'm just cracking myself up!} Just know that I normally ask to use pictures . . . . but I really have no idea how to go about asking someone to use her pictures when she has no idea who I am OR that she is getting a painting as a gift! And I really wanted you all to see these walls - someone has some skills!

Maybe, just maybe, someone will get me a picture of the painting on the wall with this awesome mural!?!?

Now, if these walls look familiar and you know my best friend's sister's ex-teacher that just had a baby - please don't tell her! And if you ARE my best friend's sister's ex-teacher that just had a baby . . . . well, just ignore this post and act completely shocked when you see the painting {for the first time!} Then you let me know if I can keep the pictures up or if I should take them down! K?

I have people who want to know the difference between the 12x24 and the 15x30. I know it is hard to look at a tape measure and "really" see the difference. You can kind of compare them to each other here. The 15x30 has officially become my best seller - but here lately, I've got a ton of orders for the 12x24.

Sneaky Peeky . . . this is for tomorrow's post. Since so many people inquire about "how I do it" - and I'm talking about painting people{!} - I'll give you a little breakdown of how it's done in tomorrow's post. I normally take a few pictures of beginning stages of some art {if I remember to say, I'll explain why tomorrow!} So, I'll give you the thought process of a painting and actually share some info on some brushes.


Rach said...

Rock on sister! It looks perfect!! I can't wait to see whatever that sneeky peeky is.....looks VERY cool!

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

love it! and that mural is awesome! I'm so glad you are able to get all that painting done now. It's so hard to fit it in with little ones!

Southern said...

Can't wait to hear the "how do I" post. I'm amazed at how straight your lines are, so very interested in the brushes you use. Great work, as always - and love the little polka dots on the sneaky! You continue to amaze!

Natalie said...

I love the "LUKE" - that's going to look so CUTE!!

Can't wait to see the final sneaky peeky ~ I love pink and brown ........

Julie said...

I just have to tell you what a rock star you are. Amazing. How do you get all those done, and be a mom? I know you don't sleep, but seriously. Amazing. I love it.

Sandy Toes said...

love it~
sandy toe

Libzsonshine said...

Insurance companies are such a pain to deal with! Will be praying that you have extreme favor in this area as therapies are more beneficial and carry over is much longer lasting when they are provided in the natural environment that the child is in! You're therapists should do a research literature search...then you'll have yet another, better AND stronger leg to stand on with those silly people who answer the phone and yet have NOT A CLUE what we therapists actually are trying to accomplish!! I'm pretty sure the research is out there as most of Early Intervention is done within the natural environment for the same reasons!

Miss Libby, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist