Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday parties are always so fun . . .

I'm going to start off by saying . . . . It was a successful party - Hudson didn't take off his clothes till the last half! I mean - really, what kinda party were we hosting?! I swear there was NO alcohol served - but someone still got naked! And if I'm lying, I'm dying!! Hudson will NOT keep his clothes on - even if we have a house full of guests!!! The many perks of all that potty training! And to prove the "nudeness" here are a couple of pictures!

Hudson loves "mail" - basically anything in an envelope! A few months back they talked about "mail" at school. Ever since he has LOVED mail! So, his favorite part of all the gift opening were the cards. Guys, ignore the ugly chair in the pictures! It is Hudson's favorite chair and he always sits in it. It is stained and actually has tore places on it from where we have worn it out! The plan is to reupholster it once the kids settle down a bit. Okay, so probably when they move out. But for now just don't pay a lot of attention to it! {She has a twin too - she stays in the garage!}

We really didn't have a theme - Hudson picked out his own invites {they had a wagon with gifts in it} and they were the fill in kind! That was fun . . . writing the same thing over and over?! Does anyone actually buy those things anymore?? We did have a goldfish cake. Not that kind of goldfish - but the kind that "smiles back" - you know, the edible kind?? And to be funny, we gave all the kids a bag of rainbow goldfish as their party favors when they left!! How funny is that? And cheap too - Kroger had them 10 for 10!

This cake was hysterical! But Hudson was NOwhere to be found when time to blow out the candles. I really think he was that scared of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He hates it that much. This is so mean - and I can't believe I'm admitting this to everyone - but sometimes when he is getting on my nerves and won't quite doing something, I always sing "Happy Birthday" to him! haha - what can I say "it works!" Yeah, he hates it that bad!! And yes, I'm that mean! I can actually threaten to sing it and it normally works!!

I wish I was approached to write a book! Maybe a "how to" book with child rearing. You know, something like "what not to do" or "how to torture your kids" - Or maybe just a book of true stories! haha!! Okay, maybe not - child services might show up!

Well it is around 10:30 and I have a lot to do! I've told myself I HAVE to go to bed at midnight! So, let's see what I can accomplish in 1 and a half hours!

And no I've not gotten to those emails! Sorry!!!!


Paige said...

Love the cake! So glad to hear the party was a success!

You should definetely write a book. I love reading your funny stories about the kids and how you handle it all! Hope you get to bed by midnight.

Have a great week!

Gaston Studio said...

Hudson is a cutey pie, with our without clothes and the cake is adorble!

Glad he had a great party. Happy birthday, Hudson!

Tutta la Storia said...

No party is ever memorable unless someone gets naked!!!! Happy Happy, Hudson!

Anonymous said...

think about saving all your posts.. and then putting them in a book one day, when they're all grown up.. and time is more on your side ;) trust me, you'll want something to keep you busy when the nest begins to empty! [still working on filling my extra time now]
cute cake and awesome idea for favors! glad you had fun!!

jess said...

We have the same countertops. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

I think writing a book is a GREAT idea :)!!!

I am so glad Hudson's party went well. He looks so content in his nudeness opening cards!

Danine said...

Love the fishie cake!!

And as we say around here..."if the kiddo doesn't need at least 5 years of psychological counseling in his adult life from all the "trauma" we inflicted upon him, we didn't do GREAT jobs as parents" LOL.

Meagan said...

Seriously cute idea for a cake!

If anyone could write a book, it's you! And something tells me I would be in tears... from LAUGHING so hard! :-)

joanne said...

What a great cake! I can't get over how much Hudson has grown. We seriously need a play date. Maybe we can crash your pool day! I hope he is enjoying his present and CARD as much as we enjoyed picking it out! xo -J.

Mylla said...

That is so cute:)