Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some more party pics . . .

I tried to upload a couple of others, but they were teeny-tiny! Let me work on those and maybe I will get them up shortly!

She is sooo into babies! And loves all her dolls - we got some GREAT ones for her birthday!

She was really studying this gift! And what is up with that bow?? It made its rounds all over her head!

Who does NOT love some baby feet?? And I will tell you that those look just like my feet! How many people can spread their toes??

That is actually my high chair! When I was expecting Hudson, I had it refinished {for a small fortune.} The tray was missing as well as the straps. The guy who worked on it for me actually found a tray that looks very similar to the one that was originally on it and attached new straps! Hudson used it the first year and half. Carson and Lawson never did - they used booster seats strapped to our chairs {very handy!!} And truth be told, this is the first time Em has sat in it!!!

This girl was all smiles when she saw that candle {pyromaniac?} And momma needs a tan!

The first kid of 4 that actually "smashed" the smashed cake! No sensory issues here!

I did leave off a recipe that I was suppose to give you! My friend called yesterday {she lives in FL, and remember I live in TN.} She said, "I think you forgot a recipe. The.fruit.tea?"

"oops, Sorry! I thought I was forgetting something!"

"Well, I'm not trying to put you on the spot, but I'm sitting in the parking lot at Publix and I need it now."

haha!! So, for the others that wanted it . . .

Fruit tea {makes a gallon}

6 tea bags
1 can of frozen orange juice concentrate
1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cups of sugar

brew the tea. add the both juice concentrates. fill the rest of the way with water. stir in sugar! add lemon and orange slices for some cuteness!

I made this one time before and thought it tasted gross. But I made it and then served it. This time, I made it the night before and let it chill in the fridge over night!! It was awesome. Much, much better than the time before!!!

I've been so busy lately - actually busier than normal. Lawson started his physical therapy this week, we all had haircuts {which I would rather someone just cut me than take a few of my kids for haircuts!} and Emsley had her one year doctors appointment {which she is up to 17 lbs and 12 oz} just to name a few things!

I also learned that where we go for all our therapies will no longer be offering speech therapy. BUT then I was told that where our therapist is going accepts our insurance. The next day, I was told they didn't {figures - we got some crappy insurance!} The day after that, I found out they did {I have no idea what changed!} I was sweating it out though. My therapist informed me that if it wouldn't have worked out, she would have come to our house for free . . . . she has that much love for my kids! Is that not the craziest thing you have heard!? Really? I started crying when I finally got to my van {and got all my kids loaded up!} What a relief to know that people car for my kids THAT much! But the good news with the new place we are going to for speech actually comes to MY HOUSE. Did you read that - MY HOUSE. They come to MY HOUSE and therapitize my kids . . . at MY HOUSE! Do you all know that is about 5+ hours of my week that will now be at MY HOUSE!! I'm soooo excited - we will still go to the other place for Lawson's and Hudson's OT and PT - but that is only 4 hours a week {plus the drive time!}

I have to admit that is an answer to an unspoken prayer. The load that {I'm sure} was just lifted! Once summer starts and we are no longer in Mom's Day Out or Preschool - I really won't have to leave my house as much!!!

I'm afraid that some art might be coming to some people before I even post a picture!! That would be a shame!!! But here is a sneaky peeky. I have to admit that I love a "G" {I know that I've said that before!} And that is why I chose this specific "spot" to highlight in the peek.

I'll be back tomorrow - because like I said, I have art to post!! Which I guess I could have done that today . . . . but what is the fun in that!? And I know you all love to see all the peekies first - so I might as well keep it up!


Tracie said...

oh Kim.. those are precious! i especially love the first one, and the toes! :D also.. that tiny cake was adorable!

Lauren said...

Those toes...!

I love her expression when she's looking at the cake!

Always a Southern Girl said...

That is the cutest little birthday girl on the block!

Jessica said...

I love that G too! I can't wait to see it all!

And, yay for the therapy news! That's so exciting for you, I'm sure.

Queenneenee said...

The look on that girls' face when she saw her cake (or the FIRE) is priceless.

Gaston Studio said...

That baby is too precious!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

THAT Girl is so sweet! Love her shirt! Adorable Toes.

Sandy Toes said...

Oh so cute~
sandy toe

Swan Family said...

The picture of you giving Em the cake is priceless!!

Natalie said...

HER FACE in that picture is a riot!!!!!

Thanks for the Fruit Tea recipe - BUT - you forgot to put what you said to me:

"Don't be all cheapy ~ get NAME BRAND oj and lemonade, MINUTE MAID' .... that's what you said as i was sitting in the parking lot of Publix!! SO glad you answered your phone!! :)

See you sooooooon!

missy said...

love the picture of her little baby feet!!!!
and love the look on her face when you were giving her the cake!!!!!!
and how awesome is that....they come to your house!!!! i am sooooo happy for you!!!!!

Paige said...

Love the baby feet picture! The fruit tea sounds yummy. May have to give that a try.

kari and kijsa said...

This is the sweetest party ever!! She is a that pic below of the surprise with cake all over-so yummy!!
kari & kijsa

Tutta la Storia said...

I think I need to get some barrettes for Ella Bella! Funny feet pic! I That is so good that the speech pros are coming to your house. You could use the extra time, I know!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I LOVE THE PICTURE OF THE FEET!!!! As always you look beautiful too ;)!

That is such great news about ST coming to your house. Like you said, a load was definitely lifted!!!

Danine said...

absolutely precious pictures. loving that first one with the baby doll. laughing at the feet one too because yes I also spread my toes and curl them up when I sit too! (I get that from my grandmother..guess it's a girl thing).

Kim said...

Love the feet picture!