Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Typical Tuesday . . .

I hope you can see what this is. I know what it is suppose to be. But none the less, I'm scared that you are not going to see what I see. Seriously, this is when I always feel like an amateur!

This is actually for someone that isn't expecting it - I'm not going to say who, because I don't want her to see it. Now, if she happens on it - that is one thing! But I'm not going to link her name. I'm not going to say her name at all. I know how she works. She has all kinds of google alerts attached to her name and she would find me! I know she doesn't look at my blog daily - so I'm sure I'm safe for a few days {by then she will have gotten it! So - who cares?}

I'm sure most of you can figure out who it goes to - somewhat obvious! I owe her big {much bigger than a 4x6!} At Blissdom, I was attached to her like glue! She is the only person I knew {well, except her sister! Which I guess I owe her a little something, too!} I've got a real issue with being in a crowd and not knowing anyone . . . . {that will give you an insight as to why I wanted so many kids! The whole "never-alone" theory!} I know, stupid and I probably need therapy - but it is a REAL issue. But only applies to crowds such as Blissdom. I'm great one on one. I'm great once I did it once. But the first time + Big crowd = Anxiety. So, thankfully she was there. I even {rudely} sat in on her meeting with Melissa and Simple Mom - they had no idea that my heart was pounding so hard out of my chest because I was so afraid they were going to ask me to leave. I tried my hardest not to listen and for the most part . . . I didn't - I swear! And thankfully they didn't ask me to leave. To be honest, I probably would have gotten up and left. That's right - I would have come home. I know, crazy - but it is what it is! Maybe I could sit in on some of Hudson and Lawson's occupational therapy. haha.

Anyhoodle - hopefully she will get and love it! I'll keep you updated!

And for some humor . . . . Here was my schedule today {and most days for that matter?!}

*Woke up before the kids and showered, dressed {including shoes} and started breakfast.

*Out the door to have Carson and Lawson {my 2 year olds} at Mom's Day Out.

*Have just enough time to make it to Hudson's {my 3 year old} 1 hour occupational therapy appointment. While in the waiting room, I try to answer emails and write "Thank-yous" {"Try" is the key word} all while holding Emsley {my 11 month old} off the computer. Then realizing my water bill is late. Oh.crap!

*Run to "Old MacDonalds" for Hud and Em some lunch {that will be eaten in the van} . . .

* . . . . while on the way to Hudson's preschool.

*Pull up just in time to get my "big hug" and reminder "I'll see you in 3 hours?!" as Hudson jumps out and runs to his teacher.

*Race back across town for my hair appointment {because we all know I'm obsessed with my "do"} - I was a few minutes early and lucky for me, her appointment before me was a no show! Em was stripped down to a diaper, sat in her booster seat and ate a sucker the entire time I got the "do" done.

*Clean Em up, pay for the cut, make next appointment, pack up van and skooch as quickly as I can to pick up Lawson and Carson from MDO.

*Made it just in time. Takes 25 minutes to go in, collect all their stuff, come out and load them up!

*Back across town to Hudson's school {because 3 hours is almost up!} as 3 kids sleep in the van!

*Once in the parking lot and with 10 minutes to spare , I answer a few more emails {somewhat rushed with those - I hope they made sense?} See Hudson come out - run and get him.

*Go home for a snack and juice {for the kids} - I'm still feeling my "Old MacDonalds" 99 cent cheeseburger. While they eat, I package up 2 paintings {ready for FedEx!}

*Load everyone back up - straight to FedEx! {Anyone expecting a classic collection - they will be going out tomorrow!}

*Needed groceries in a BAD way! That's right people - took all 4 kids up into Kroger! I was that desperate for food. I drove around the lot for about 7 and a half minutes looking for the buggy with the car on it. No such luck. I load 3 kids into a regular cart - Hudson walked. Hudson prays {loudly} "Oh Lord, why do you not give me a buggy with a red car attached to the front?" I told him to stop asking God "why" . . . . "because you would be asking him 'why' 800 million times a day for.the.rest.of.your.life!" We get into the store and what do we see?? What do we see?? We see a freakin' buggy with a RED CAR - that is what we see! Not a green car. Not a blue car. But a stinkin' red car. And I busted out laughing when I heard Hudson say, "Thank you Lord." haha - Amazingly I still bought $148 in groceries. Yes, I had that many groceries and all 4 kids in the buggy - the question . . . . . how in the heck did I push that joker??

*Got home just in time for Lonnie to call and say he is on the way to the Homeowner's Association Meeting {meaning - I unload groceries, put away groceries and cook supper - ON MY OWN!} Nice.

*Did.all.that. Supper is spaghetti - what was I thinking?? Easy to cook - yes. The worst to clean up - yes! But, I.did.all.that.too!

I'm really working on the table manners - no decent man is going to want to marry her if she continues this mess up!

Hudson was measuring the table - not kidding.

Carson, man what is up with the feet?

Notice all my kids are naked? That was planned!

*Got all 4 kids in the tub. Lonnie comes home. I bath each {to include teeth brushing} - he dresses each.

*Kids = read stories, sing songs, prayer, asleep {thank you!}

*Watched the last few minutes of the President. Blogging. Soon painting.

yes, it was a successful day - what did you do?


Karli said...

Well, I think you're one cool momma! A super busy, super cool, busy momma!

Cabbage Heart said...

Umm...Question?....Do you ever sleep?

bigSIS said...

Oiy! I'm ready to go back to bed after reading ALL that! I would've skipped the groceries and ate cereal for dinner or somesuch. And I can't push those dadgum car carts for anything so they only get them with gr'ma or dad. Sorry, kiddos! You are superMOM. I. AM. NOT.

Sandy Toes said...

I think I know who may be getting this...and she deserves it and will love it!

What a cute picture of Mr. Spaghetti Man!
~Sandy toe

Living With Purpose said...

Oh, girl, we SO have to meet...our lives our identical!!! - Lori

Snow White said...

Your day made my head hurt. I have two kids in school all day and I don't get HALF that much done! You are my hero:-) Hope today is calmer for you!

Chrissie Grace said...

I've got 4 too...
Some days you're living in the car!
Remember to breathe...:)

Gaston Studio said...

I saw a nest of eggs immediately... then I read the rest of your blog and fainted from exhaustion.

Jen said...

What a day! It's only 815 and I exhausted after reading your day. Can't fedex come to you (home pickup) with the amount of business you do with them?

Lisa said...

I don't think people realize how hard it is to just "run in" a store with children. What should take about 10 minutes by yourself takes 10 minutes just to get everyone out of the truck!!! I completely understand, I have 3, 3 and under. And I relate to the shopping cart issue, driving and waiting to see the "race car" cart. And what's up with Walmart, could they not have more than 2 of the kid carts??? Thanks for the stories, good to know its not just me feelin the pain!!

one day in the life of me said...

I am exhausted just reading this. I can't imagine this being my everyday thing. You are supermom!

Mommy said...

I know she'll LOVE it!

missy said...

oh my......i will never, never talk about how busy i am AGAIN!!!! well never is a very long time...but you rock....that is all i can say!!!!!
hudson and the" thank you lord" that cracked me up!!!
and i just can not picture you worring about a crowd i have you as the most out going person around....chatty and never knowing a stranger....i was quite surprised when i read that one!!!!
anyway...hang in there..wish i lived closer so i could help out a bit!!!!:0)

Kelli said...

The part about Hudson praying for the red car is SUPER cute!!! Sounds like a busy day for one busy mom!! We had spaghetti for dinner too! I agree easier to cook, but no so easy to clean up after!

Rach said...

Ok Hudson makes me laugh! Yep I think I do alot during the day until I listen to you....good grief! LOVE the nest of eggs. She will too!!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Wonder Woman!
That's who you are! Crazy day, but everyone looks happy!
LOVE the nest - you totally "Got your Nest on!"

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

Wow! Loving the painting! I am sure she will LOVE it! What a crazy day! You are superwoman!

Leigh Ann said...

That makes me tired! You must be like the energizer bunny!

Lea Ann said...

Wow! I am so tired after reading all that!! I so wish that I had your energy!

Swan Family said...

Here comes SUper MOm!!! You're awesome...it gets hard at times but it's all worth it at the end of the day.

I'm in love with your painting...I love the twig look, seriously!

Natalie said...

Love the painting -- you never cease to amaze me! I don't know that Emsley could get any cuter!!

As far as your day goes, I don't know that you could function ANY. OTHER. WAY!!

Love ya!

Robin said...

OK, Now I officially KNOW that I am living up to my blog name "Alabama SLACKER Mama"....
YOU ARE MY HERO! I am exhausted just reading about your day!

"She" will LOVE your painting!! It is absolutely incredible!! (I feel EXACTLY the same way you do in those situations!!! I swear, I could have wrote that!)

At some point, try to get some rest. You deserve it!!

Robin :o)

megan said...

i know exactly who it's for and she's gonna LOVE it!!

by the way...
you. are. my. hero. plain and simple!


Always a Southern Girl said...

Wow, You have it all together! I feel so unproductive! I hope you had a great day today as well. May God give peace and strength!

Take care of yourself, Renee

Tricia Anne said...

All in a days work! :o) Wow!

Your painting is beautiful and I am guessing who it is for ... wink! I can name a million reasons why I think she would love it. :o)

Kim, you and I are so much in common in the area of first times, people, etc. :o) I am good, not too nervous once I get my feet wet, but before that, oy! :o)

I am smack dab in the middle of organizing an over night ladies get away to see Beth Moore (four our church) and this is keeping my feet in the fire! Never done something so big before, but that has kind of been my pattern as of lately. God is doing some stretching and growing around these parts! :o)

I love the spaghetti pictures! I have some of those when my children were younger. Oh treasure this time ... smile ... it goes by before you know it.

Sorry so long.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Tricia Anne said...

I really do know how to spell "for". I guess I should have done a quick spell check! :o)
Long day on this end too. smile!

julie & joe said...

I would only think you needed therapy if you decided you needed 14.
I hate spaghetti night! What a mess!!! Actually, any pasta is a mess here....and that is what we had tonight.....after I took my little guy to the park and let him run his legs off. I am hoping he gets a good night sleep tonight...I really need one.

Love the canvas!

Kelly said...

*love* the nest pic. seriously, *love* it.

nina said...

I'm stressed out just *thinking* about taking four kids into the grocery store! :-)

joanne said...

In Jane's words. "Ahhh Word!!!"
Girl, I am just exhausted reading about your day. You are a hero!
Of course, you are a MOM!!! :-)
Be good to yourself, "take time" as my mother would say.

Sheryl said...

Thank you for reminding me what it was like over a decade ago when mine were small! I now am with 16 three year olds 3 days a week for 3 hours. And 1 morning a week with 2 year olds. Yep, I'm a preschool teacher. And I work 3 nights a week in retail. But none of it is near as exhausting as being a mommy of little children!


shabby girl said...

I was never smart enough to feed my kids spaghetti with no shirts on!!!
Scoot them up to the table, then hose them off. You got it down sister! You are amazing! So glad you find time for yourself, and us, to paint. I'm sure it fills you.

Lauren said...

Um, nothing that even remotely compares to that???

I do not see how you do it.

Your kiddies better get you a condo in Maui one day or something!

Ace said...

That was exhausting just reading it! I'll go take a nap for you!

Kris said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Love it! Your kids are adorable!

"aclockworkchild" said...

maybe just to save you a little time- as long as you have a fedex account- they will come pick up packages from you at your house free of charge! actually, you may not even need to have an account! just call 1800-go-fedex 24 hrs in advance and they'll come out to you! you can even set it up w the driver to stop by your house every day/every other day/whatever! ain't life grand! :)

Jennifer Logan said...

I remember these days with my first three and here I am starting all over!!! You are such a good mother and never cease to impress me! Love the bird's nest, how very cute.