Thursday, December 11, 2008

Me = delirious!

Here it is 10 am! I did fall asleep around 4 and woke up at 6. The kids had Mom's Day Out today - so I had to get myself {and everybody else for that matter} ready for the day! It's pizza day today at school, so I didn't have to make anyone lunch - saved me some time! Good thing, because it's raining cats and dogs! It took me 20 minutes just to unload everyone when we got there!!! ugghh!

Well, I did take some pictures of Sara's painting {I guess you figure it out with the comment you left on the last post!} tee hee! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take a good picture of this piece to save my life! It's so dark and dreary and it made it hard to find any good light - BUT know this is one of my faves! It turned out super cool!

The only problem is I couldn't really find a spot to work in RED! I could have added little dots - but then I was afraid that would look like pimples! Eeewwww! The walls are a lime green and we had these super cute prints to coordinate with.

And let me say that I had to peruse that etsy store after seeing such cute prints and bought this for the boys' room {in aqua!} Lawson is obsessed with numbers - so I had to get it for his little corner! I got it 2 days later and she did NOT disappoint! It is fab-U-lous!

Have you guys commented on the nester's blog for the new give-a-way?? Well if you haven't, Hurry! It ends tonight! I love watercolors and her 5x7's are only 15 bucks! So, I bought this . . .

Again, for the boys' room! Once we get the new beds up, we have some shuffling we are doing with the other furniture and they will have a neat spot that has interesting wall space. I wanted some bright and random pieces for that area. You will see why and what I mean when I show you all later.

I'd say that I've had way tooo much coffee! I mean really, who is that cheezy happy with no sleep?

Funny story - {well,not really - but I laughed so hard when I was telling Lonnie that blue kool-aid came out of my nose!} - I was wearing a tank the other day while painting. Lawson got up from his nap first and wanted me to hold him. I cleaned up all my paint stuff and carried him down stairs. I had to finally put him down because he kept scratching my shoulder! And when I say scratching, I mean he was trying to remove skin and it was always in the same spot! Remember, my kids don't talk {very important part of this story!} . . . he started crying when I put him down. I was trying to explain to him that he was hurting me. And I asked why he was scratching me?! He was saying something, but I really couldn't understand - it sounded like "Bugger" - I kept repeating "Bugger?? Laws, what is a Bugger?"

After multiple times, he finally stuck his finger in his nose and said, "Bugger."

"Oh, booger! Ahhh, you said booger!!! That is fantastic!!! Do you have a booger?? Do I need to wipe your nose?"

He took that sharp fingernail of his and scratched my shoulder AGAIN and said "Bugger!" I look at my shoulder - there was a green blob of paint.

Behold, the power of speech therapy!

Since Emsley is asleep, I really need to finish some more paintings. I'll post more pictures later when I get some more completed!


Neisey said...

That's funny.
Smart little guy.
If it's green it must be a "bugger". :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

That is too funny! He was being so sweet and helpful ;)

Sara said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Now I'm not even locked into red accents. You rock, lady!

"Bugger"- awesome.

Megan @ Little Bella Bean said...

I LOVE your stuff. I know you aren't able to answer to comments right now, but I am super curious as to how it is having 4 kids so close in age!? We have a 3 year old and a 10 month old and are ready for another. (Shhh...don't mention that we are ready for another if you write back to me on my blog, hehe. the family reads it. wink wink.) So I am curious what life is like for mom's like you! Have a great Christmas,

The Tildy Spot said...

Great story!

cherokeefox said...

What a lovely first word. It will be a great story for him, his friends and family when he grows up.
I love the way you wrap the designs onto the edge.

Anonymous said...

I needed a laugh today, thanks!! That is such a cute story! Go speech therapy!!!!!

Laryssa Herbert said...


Thanks for the link and the compliment. I'm so glad the little red bird will be enjoyed!
I really like your art as well, cool stuff!

(L.Herbert Designs)

Grey Street Girl said...

That's hilarious! And, let me just say, you look fabulous for only have 2 hours of sleep!

missy said...

oh my gosh i love it!!! love love love the swirlies!!!! i might need to get on a list...because i love them way to much!!!!

Sandy Toes said...

To look wide awake!
-sandy toes

Lorrie said...

Great story. I had three boys in therapy at the same time at one point. My oldest didn't talk until he was 4. He's 13 now and just interrupted me typisg this. My other two are not in therapy right now...but they need to be. I'm new to this blogging thing although I started in '04 then stopped for four years. Ha! Keep up the good job mom. You've been inspiring me to paint.

Rach said...

First the Bagley painting is the swirly deals! I have a thing for those I guess. AND ok you said it was funny and I just read it---I am glad you didn't actually tell me on the phone. That is SOOOO hysterical about Lawson.....wooo hooo they are talking! And booger--why should it not be one of the first few words you can understand. HA!!!

Jessica said...

I love, love, LOVE the Bagley canvas! GORGEOUS!

Leigh Ann said...

Love the canvas. Beautiful as always. Speaking of, if you are sleep deprived, it doesn't show! That Lawson is hilarious! The ST is working! LOL!

Leigh said...

Girl, you are so much like me it's not funny! Everyone thinks I"m crazy when I stay up all night painting...but that's when I'm the most creative!
I hope to be as talented as you one day! You are rockin it!

Mommy said...

Speech Martha's a good thing...a REALLY good thing!

Melinda-LookWhatMomFound said...

beautiful work!!