Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is the suspense killing ya'??

Well, it's killing me, too!

Just to give you the long of the short . . .

I'm here alone {with all 4 of the babes} - Lonnie is gone yet again to some something the military is doing! Now all you would be robbers, stalkers and who-ever-else has the hankering to come over un-INVITED . . . . don't make me show you what I'm really made of!

At least one of my kids have been sick for the past 5 days! Currently, Hudson is asleep on the sofa with the pukies! It's been gross around here. I won't give you any visuals!

I had to stand up my booth this past Saturday because I was unable to attend the "Hollydays" our local Junior League was hosting! Yeah, that bites! But I couldn't leave sick kids.

I also had to stand up my Bible Study Group last night! Ughhh - knowing I needed it! Thanks for the prayers girls - I felt it! Now, I hope somebody likes hand-painted items with the dirty Santa next month! I'm just saying . . . . don't pick my gift if you don't!!!!!! **wink** And a big thank you for the "new study" that will be starting up! My little "Big Love" talk a few months back helped with that choice - didn't it??

Never got a new camera - I've just found some duct/duck tape!!! hahaha!! My stupid battery door won't stay shut - I guess it will when I put this tape on it! {Uhmmmm, I think that would classify me in the "redneck" category!} I am going to get a new camera within the next week or so, but I saw on "the box" that sales for electronics are not expected to increase over the holidays. That means big SALES! Or so I'm betting on it! So, I'm willing to wait . . . . especially since I just found this duct tape!!!! I will use a small piece in hopes that it is less noticeable!

Now, saying that about the camera - tomorrow will be the big day! You know - the "reveal"!!!! I hope you are ready - I know that the blue million people who have reserved one are! They want to know what the heck they are buying! I'm sorry for the wait - but all the above has put a wrench in my gears.

Well, I'm caught up on laundry, there are absolutely NO dirty dishes in the sink, my 3 toilets are cleaned, I'm wearing a shirt that has at least 3 of my kids' snot on it {since it is more handy than Kleenex,} I've yet to have a shower today {which is absurd!,} I have NO idea what is for supper and I hear Hudson screaming for someone named "Momma" - so I guess I need to go check on him! I'm thinking, "Please, no puke!"


~Laura and Geoff~ said...

"off to something that the military is doing"... isn't that always when the kids get cick and life gets messy?!? God testing out the strength of Army wives. Hang in there! (and hope there wasn't puke)

Jen said...

Hope the kids feel better soon...that's no fun for anyone.

Hang in there. The day is almost over.

Cara said...

well...I was gonna call to bring you some coupons, but I guess I will wait a couple days. Call me when the kids are feeling better, cause ya know this prego chick doesn't need another cold either..

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I hope your kids feel better soon! Hopefully there was no more puke and no one else gets that! I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal! Great idea on the duct tape!

Sandy Toes said...

How cute...hope the kids feel better soon! It's when I have a super busy week...everyone gets sick!
-sandy toes

Heather said...

How many times have you said "this too shall pass"? That phrase has been my sanity at times. About the dirty santa...this should be a fun exchange b/c I know I won't be the only one watching what bag you bring in!

Megan L Hutchings said...

Bless your heart! I hope that your kiddos feel better soon and that you have a moment of sanity ;).

Can't wait to see the painting!

joanne said...

Love it. Your humor always shines through. Be strong (I know you are!) :)

Hillcrest Acres said...

Yes the suspense is killing me!! I can't wait to see what you came up with. I'm sure it will be fabulous!

I hope your kiddies are feeling better. I remember those days when hubby was out of town and I was left alone to handle all the "sickness" and about ready to fall over any second from sleep deprivation because I was up all night attending to the little ones. Hang in there.