Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I did it . . . .

Well, the Dr's appointment went great! Yes, all 3 boys rode in the double stroller and stayed still till I got into the waiting room! Then 2 of them jumped out as if the joker was on fire! Little freaks! Good thing we were the only ones in the waiting room. It seemed to take forever for them to call us back. But once they did, easy enough Carson jumped back in the stroller {Lawson never got out and at that point I had set Em in there as well} and Hudson walked to the room. I had to take most of the twins' clothes off so they could weigh them and {amazingly} Hudson patiently waited for the movie! Once we got settled and were waiting for the doctor {after the nurse did all her stuff,} we started the movie.

Can you believe that everyone sat there, quiet {even with the door closed} and watched the movie?!?! It was amazing - it's not that quiet here {unless everyone is asleep!} My doctor was impressed, too - although he said that he has to use his DVD player for the exact same thing - haha! I think I convinced him to get plasmas to hang on the wall in each room with some movies playing on the loop! What a dream! hehe

Good news, Carson is actually in the 50th percentile in height! Lawson is around the 30th - that is what a 1 inch difference will do for ya'! So, maybe they won't be so "runt like" after all! {I did say "maybe"!} AND both boys will be assessed for speech therapy next week - Yah!!! Which after keeping one of my BFF kid, Noah, today - I don't know if talking is a good thing!! haha As I told his mom, I'll NEVER-EVER take for granted that NONE of my kids talk ever again! Poor Noah, he just kept asking question after question - it was hysterical! And some of the questions!? Most of the time I would just answer him back with a question - which didn't seem to help my situation. It gave him more fodder! I love that kid!

I'm trying to get better at answering some of these questions I get in the comments - which I'm obviously not good at getting back to you all! NO, I do not get up at 4 every morning - normally around 5. I have to take a shower and get ready before my kids wake up. I can give references to those who know me well enough to know that if I don't get a shower, I'm in a rotten mood all day long! It's sad, I know - but that is one of my "musts"! About my house - you must not have read the posts where I say I've got to get someone in this joint to help clean! Which my mother-in-law said she would - uhmmm, yeah - that lasted 1 freakin' time!! When she finally came to help {which was for the boys party - that I've YET to post about - give a girl some more time!} - she got caught up washing my hardy-planks on the back of my house {didn't know they were that dirty} and washing out the big city trash can with bleach - that's right people, the big mamma-jamma trash can the city gives you to put your trash in that you put at the curb once a week so that they can drive their big-O truck with the automated arms that pick it up and dump it in the top of the truck! {That was one long run-on sentence!} Well, ours is clean - very clean - ridiculously clean - never mind the fact that my feet were stickin' to my dirty kitchen floor. I mean, who in the hell is going to be looking at my kitchen floor during the party - they are all going to be in my garage checking out my super clean city trash can!!!

Okay, that was really mean - but just deserved! A whole new meaning to "Quack"!

I try to pick up the house through out the day - and I really try to make my kids pick up! Today, they actually did pretty good - I was shocked actually. I would say that they picked up over half their room. Now, everything is sorted out. So, when they dump out a few baskets, I normally will try to push all of the toys that belong together to each basket that the toys belong to. I feel that it's age appropriate for helping keep it all organized.

As far as all these projects - since 4 kids are in the picture - I really don't get much done in that department! Don't be fooled! Seriously! Between my husband and myself, we try to get something {that is only "1" something} done a week. A very small goal - and we still very rarely make it! haha And when you see how small this table is that we just finished - oh, you are going to laugh!

Most people are curious about my sleep schedule - which I have found sleep to be highly OVER-RATED! I try to go down around 1ish, maybe 2ish - and then get up around 5 {and yes, all those are the am's.} There are times I go down with the boys and sleep for about 3 hours and then get up - stay up - and go back down around 3ish {or 4ish}, just to wake up again around 5. Once a week - I crash - which has been the past 2 nights!!! What is up with that? AND tonight, I fell asleep for about 10 minutes while waiting for Lonnie to get all the boys upstairs for bedtime! Iron must be low or something! THAT is not normal! That is why I didn't blog yesterday OR return any emails! sorry!

Well, I'm going to finish watching this presidential race - and probably go to bed depressed about it with one heavy heart.


Anonymous said...

I to will go to bed with a heavy heart now as well.I actually started looking at blogs to try and lift my spirits a little. McCains speech was very classy! I think I should just go start praying now.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

The only "silver lining" I can come up with (and I am grasping at straws) is that at least there was a clear cut winner, so we don't have to drag this out any longer. And now they have someone BESIDES President Bush to blame for every disaster that comes along. (Although I think they will still figure out some way to make it some one ELSE's fault)

Sandy Toes said...

It is a sad day!
-sandy toes

Heather said...

You are one amazing woman! Creative juices must flow with sleep deprivation...b/c I'm not very creative and I like my sleep :-).

Megan L Hutchings said...

I have been thinking about you this week and the doctor's apoointments. I am glad it went well ;)!

I say whatever works for your sanity is the best way to go!

Alex and Jill said...

I'm exhausted reading about your hours...I might have to re-think this wanting to be a mom thing. HA! I love sleep.

A heavy heart is a good description of how I feel, as well. So disappointed in the outcome of this election.

Go get some sleep, girl!! :)

Kim said...

I thought my schedule was bad...I would absolutely fall over if I had a schedule like yours...with all those babies!

You better get some sleep...with all this "Change" that is coming...you're going to need it!

Jerilynn said...

Heavy heart can't describe it! Our silver lining is that my kids have their Dad back. He took them to redbox to rent a movie and is snuggling with them now! Of course, he said he can't watch any TV it is too depressing. LOL!

Cindy said...

I just found your blog through blogs of interest. Really cute stuff! You are very talented. But I gotta say as someone who prays and has a testimony of Jesus Christ don't be too sad about the election. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. I couldn't have voted for Obama if my prayers didn't confirm it was a good decision for me (not saying it would be a good decision for everyone). He is the best choice to handle the mess this country is in right now. Old subject I know, don't know if you'll even see this since it's an old post.
Keep up the good work. You are truly blessed to be able to follow your passion in your work.