Monday, October 20, 2008

How, when, what & where it happened . . .

But not necessarily in that order!

My friend, The Nester {because I can call her that now!}, came to Nashville this weekend for Blissdom '08! Most of you don't know, but I live mere minutes from the Big Nashville, Tennessee {and even if I didn't, would have sold a kidney or two to get there to meet my new friend Ms. Nester!} After several attempts through emails to find a time to meet, we decided that Sunday morning on her {and her sweet sister, Emily, who is now also my friend} way out of town.

Well, since sweet Emily was going to be there - I had to take my good friend M - the fairy blog mother who designed this blog. She just so happened to designed sweet Emily's - AND sweet Emily had M's family blog listed as "People I wish I knew in Real Life" on her blog roll - AND I knew M was dying to meet her in real life, too! Since that would be easy to accomplish - I HAD TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! I wanted it to be a surprise for M, {didn't quite work out for me} so I had enlisted the help of another good friend, Rachel {who happens to live in Nashvegas!}

So, it was Me, M, Rachel, The Nester & Emily - eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel - talking like we have known each other for years - enjoying every minute of it - hated to see them go - but know we will visit them and they will come back to visit us - just having a Fan-tab-U-lous time!

Here are some highlights of the meal . . . .

She has a bird on her chest.

We spent our time in a Tennessee jail.

So, after 3 kids . . . . how did you have the 4th?

The new rule is I have to buy my own food before I can eat it.

Twitter, anyone??

My kid will be cut off in February.

Is that pulp in your orange juice?

Do you want my wasted bacon?

I like blackberries - all in my teeth.

What?? A 2-headed baby??

We don’t want a leafy face?

Shorties to the right!

I can’t look at you, the glare is too bright.

I think she REALLY wanted your bacon!

My name is “Cinnamon” - I work 80 hours a week for pennies.

I slept in my clothes like that, that’s why I’m dressed like this.

That first year was like one, long-long day.

Did you really go or did you just flush?

I cannot look at your pictures while I’m driving - over a mountain - in the rain!

The lamp is glued to a wooden disk that is attached to a pole that is stuck in the table?

I am an 89 year old bald man.

We really NEED to check for cleavage.

Now, if you didn't get any of that - I'm sorry, I guess you just had to be there!! But know, that we had a great time and I can't wait to do it again - SOON!!!

**If the other 4 can think of anything else to add to this list - feel free to comment and I will add!**


The Nester said...

Laughing all over again!

And I can soo hear your TN accent now!

Megan L Hutchings said...

So incredibly jealous that they got to hang out with you ;)!

Inside jokes are just the BEST!

Mommy said...

It was great! You know I would have disowned you if you hadn't made sure I was there. Sorry I ruined your surprise but it was worth it. I owe ya one but I'm not sure I can top this one...

emily said...

This is so great. M and Rachel were right: I can SO hear you saying all this.

Wait. That's exactly what the Nester said. Oh well. We are sisters, after all. I love your blog design. That Fairy Blog Mother gets AROUND. Great to meet you!

Sandy Toes said...

How fun! You all seem so fun!!! Came over from the nester!!!
-Sandy toes

Rach said...

HAHA!! Yeah these are too funny! We had a blast. Good job coordinating!!

Swan Family said...

That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!1

Leigh Ann said...

You are SO lucky!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Sounds like a great time!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Oh!!!! Can you spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S????

pve design said...

thanks for the low-down, looks like a dirty rotten time. wished I could have been there or as you say,
"bin thar" love the list of quips.