Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey Girl, did you forget about us??

I know that's what you all are thinking! Well, no I haven't forgotten. The poor blog has just taken a back seat - unfortunately. I hope to be back. I have an extremely packed week planned. Starting with tomorrow. Miss Em has her 6 month pictures scheduled for 11 am and I'm so excited! She gets her picture taken with her very own painting!! Finally!

I was hoping to get some other art photographed - ain't gonna happen! I'm telling ya' these past few weeks, nothing has worked out for me. And to be frank, I'm just aggravated! That is probably why I've avoided the blog. No need to bring you all down with me! But this is a new minute, so I think I'm over it. I'm blogging, I'm about to get everything together for tomorrow, I think my husband is cleaning the kitchen {wow?}, I got orders shipped out today, I squeezed into a size 6 today, a Little Caesars Pizza finally opened up on our side of town {might not fit in that 6 tomorrow} and my kids are all over their little sick funk - yeah, I think I'm over it!

Okay, now I was tagged last year - just kidding - it was in August {sorry M!} I promise I was going to do this one, but there was soooo much info it needed and well, to be honest - I needed time to think of the answers!

Here I go . . . .

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...
1. Have a flat stomach
2. Walk a mile in someone else's shoes
3. Say, "I'll be right there" and mean it
4. Cook dinner every night for a full month {except Fridays = pizza night}
5. Raise my children to "True Greatness"
6. Go a day without questioning myself
7. Tell Mrs. Bone {my 1st grade teacher} that I'm so sorry for not writing her a thank-you note for that wedding gift. She and a couple of others didn't get a note because I misplaced that specific list of names. I found it several years later to just misplace it again - and I'm mortified! And there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about it!

7 Things I Can Do...
1. Drive a 5-speed with no power steering
2. Drive a tractor
3. the splits!!! {4 kids later! That's talent, baby!}
4. Get pregnant {I don't know if that is something I should brag about!?}
5. Eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches in one sitting {and not feel guilty}
6. Open mouth, insert foot {on a daily basis}
7. Make awesome potato salad

7 Things I Can Not Do...
1. Ride a bike {yes, I mean a bicycle}
2. Say "no" to stray dogs or cats
3. Touch a chalk board, sand or anything that leaves a dusty like film on my hands {major sensory issue}
4. Take a picture {but I think we all know that by now!}
5. Drive over a bridge or mountain without hyperventilating! {Something about motion on a narrow road with a drop off on one side or both sides.}
6. Go a day without hugging/touching/kissing my kids {which is so very odd for me - I normally hate being touched! Did anyone NOT know that?}
7. Bite into a water chestnut without gagging/retching or seeing the room spin - Man, those things are nasty!

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby...
1. He is very handy
2. Can build anything I draw out
3. Believes in me
4. Wanted to have a house full of kids
5. Normally, doesn't ask any questions! {unless I've went shopping with Rachel W.}
6. Always gives me space
7. Knows better to question me when I've made up my mind!

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. "Are you on Crack??"
2. "Are you smoking Crack??"
3. "Quit it!" {Sounds more like . . . "Ka-wit it!"}
4. "What!?"
5. "Chicken or Grilled Cheese?"
6. "Stop acting like a Freak!"
7. "Lord, it's me again . . . ."

7 Celebrity Crushes - {currently, I only have 2}
1. Julian McMahon - {Let it be known, I do ask for forgiveness everytime I look at this man!}

2. James Scott {to include that accent!} {EJ Wells - Days of Our Lives}

I'm actually going to tag some folks for this one - because it took alot of thinking skills and I'm curious what you all come up with! So, Allison, Jen, Vikki, Leigh Ann, Kimberly, Leslie and Kris go for it! Now, I'm curious to see who actually does this! If I don't comment on your blog tonight to let you know you've been tagged, I will tomorrow! he!

Oh, yeah - new "do" alert!

I did get the sides cut to flip out - but the back is short! Very short!

The back wasn't really laying right in this picture - but you see what I mean about the shortness! For whatever reason, I always end up with the flippage! It loves me. Hey, nice Dr. Pepper shirt! And do yo see all the "boo" paintings on the table in the background? Funny! Didn't notice till I just uploaded this picture.

Hopefully, I'll blog tomorrow. Until then . . .


Krista Lee said...

I love it!!!!!!! So you! Or... You a few years ago... Whatev. So cute!!! See ya in the AM :)

Tutta la Storia said...

Yay I just love this tagging stuff! Thanks for thinking of me. I'll work on it if there are any kids in my house that choose to take naps today!! The new do is great and why do you have to make me itch for a new haircut!! Your #1 celebrity crush is a fave of mine too. Can you say HOT??!!

~Laura and Geoff~ said...

I did the SAME thing with a small list of wedding gifts, except I was so mortified that I threw it away to hopefully forget about it (didn't work) and now I have NO IDEA who didn't get thanked~

Bethany said...

I love your hair! very attractive :)

Jenna said...

Love the "E" painting, and can't wait to see that cute babe photographed with it!!

And I LOVE the new do. Sassy!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I hate water chesnuts too...YUCK!!!

Love the do though...very cute and sassy!

Dana D said...

Your lists are so funny! I agree, we must be related! Had I not known better, I would have thought I wrote the list myself--- except for the stray animal thing. It seems that animal fur does the same thing to me that chalk does!

Holli said...
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Swan Family said...

Love the new hairdo!!! I am trying to grow out my short hair but when I see someone's cute hairdo it makes me want to cut it again!! AAAHHH hehehe I know what you mean things have been the holidays are among us and it is only going to get worse...(how negative am I? lol) Okay I love the tag thing...and Julian, OH brother!!! He is a cutie!!

High on Hairspray said...

I love your hair!! If it's ok with you I would love to show my hair girl your doo!

Mommy said...

Take two...

ha! Glad you FINALLY decided to play my game. The one that cracked me up was that L was "handy". You knew you needed a handy man for all your projects. :-) Oh, and all the sensory stuff in your cannot's. I'm with you COMPLETELY on that one. Our "apples" haven't fallen far from our trees, have they? Thanks for playing!

Handmade Housewife... said...

Hi Kim,
Just found you through Nester. Fabulous blog! I'm still laughing about your celebrity crushes...I've been crushing on #1 since he was on Charmed, can't believe I just admitted that :) Love the hair and totally agree with you on the Tricare thing from your VP Debate post. Anyone who thinks govt. healthcare is a good thing should just ask a military wife. Way to put it out there! I'm definately adding you to my favorites list.


joanne said...

Such a cute haircut! Can't wait to see pics of Emsley! Haven't gotten the invite yet, are we invited? ;)
It's OK if plans have changed.

Kimberly said...

So how did the pictures go today?! I can't wait to see them, I'm sure they will be super adorable! Cute hair! I got tagged, that gives me a big long lotsa something to post about on my blog, and one guaranteed reader (you hehe!) Your "Quit it" is my "stop" (stooooooop). I'm a huge whiner, lol! Loved reading your silly lists! Thanks for thinking of me!

Leigh Ann said...

You are such a cutiepatootie! I'm lovin' your hair (and your DP shirt...seriously).

Okay, Emsley's painting is GORGEOUS! How you do dat??? I can't wait to see her pictures.

I loved reading your list and thanks for tagging me. Actually, I think I could just post your list and it would be accurate for me as well. :)

Alex and Jill said...

I love the "E" painting! How large is it?

Cute haircut!

Simple Answer said...

I'm a flipper! Love that you've got a little flip to yourself!

Flat stomach with no stretch marks. Yep. That's a #1 if ever I saw one!

Lilly Cottage said...

HI Kim, I just came to visit you via Lollishops Guild and I have to say I love your blog and I agree with almost every single one of your seven facts list, except for the things you say...I think it is an accent thing, lol. My hair even looks remarkably similar to yours but I think that might be where the similarity ends. What colour are your eyes really?? You said you had unusual eyes...mine are a sort of grey colour with a darker ring around the outside, my kids all have the same eyes and everyone comments on them...I am so used to them I don't think we are different! I will be back to visit later with a cup of nice to meet you, kiss noises Linda

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

you look so cute. i just got my hair cut in a very similar style. i'm still adjusting.

janae said...

Girl, I LOVE your new do! It's so dang cute! I also enjoyed your list of what to do before you take the high road...I wanted to tell you just send Mrs. Bones the thank you note (with a letter explaining why the thank you note was so delayed!!) onceless thing that will weigh on your mind and it'll be a happy world (plus you'd get to cross something off your list...that's the best part about making a list).