Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am my own worse critic!

That is what my friends, Natalie and Jennifer tell me all the time! And here is a prime example - I really like this painting - alot - but I'm afraid it needs something more!

First off, it's not for a kid!! And it's not quite the "classic" collection I do either. This is no where near complete and actually I have done more to it since this picture. {that "s" looks cool! - Just thought I would add that} Hopefully, I will post the picture in full tomorrow - OR I might just be starting over?! Seriously, I'm afraid I have attacked it too much since this picture.

Let's just face reality - you know I make mistakes, it's another for you to see them {purposely}!!! What I'm trying to say is - if this thing looks bad in the morning light - it's back to the drawing board, so don't expect to see a completed painting tomorrow!


A New England Life said...

What's interesting about art is that what you might see it as a minus, another person see's as a plus!

Being an interior painter I am my own worst critic also. However I am amazed how many people never notice the little things that bug me so much. Everytime I walk into a room I can't help but look at the paint job on the walls to see the flaws which no one else notices ; )

Megan L Hutchings said...

I really like the color combination!

Jenn said...

I think it looks fantastic...and you know I would tell you if it didn't. How did it look in the morning light??

pve design said...

hmm. Oh how I know exactly what you go through and I am glad that I am not alone. Perhaps a blue border or a stripe edge.