Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh my - I think I've died and gone to heaven!

Well, something really cool happened TOOO-day!! Oh you all already know - I met Kijsa!! She is soooo cute!! And oh my good-NESS, let me tell you of the paintings she did for me - uhhh, no I'll wait till tomorrow and just show you pictures - know they are freakin' perfect!!! And you all need to go get you one {or 2, maybe 3 - like I did!}

But let me tell you the best part - I've got to set up the story . . . . In one email she had asked me about "doing a show" - of course I said yes, because I thought she meant "her doing a show here in my town with her stuff" - I mean she is the "Art Goddess" {in my book anyways} - are you following me{?} - well, anyhoodle, I asked her about it when we met up today and she said "NO, she wanted me to come to her "town" and set up in her studio the weekend before Thanksgiving" - they are planning to do a show and wanted a couple of other folks and their wares there - are you still following me{?} - she wanted ME to set up my ART at her studio?????

I'm like "what theee . . . meeee . . . oh myyy . . . well, of course . . . " I think she thinks that I'm a REAL artist? Man, I've got her fooled! Little does she know - I'm not an artist!! Seriously, when I wrote the bio for my website - It was VERY hard to title it "about the artist" - because I don't feel like an artist. I'm a normal person who just paints - but not an artist! To me, an artist is Picasso, Di Vinci, Monet, Rousseau, Van Gogh, Kijsa!!! But not me! This is just a fun hobby that makes a little money to buy Stride Rite shoes for my kids {as well as art for my walls!}

I really am honored and don't know what to think?! You guys really have to see some of her work up close - in real life. Her work is fabulous and for her to like my stuff enough to invite me to do this with her and her sister - WoW - that really is all I can say!

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Rach said...

hee hee hee....uh YES you are an artist!