Monday, June 30, 2008

No posts through the weekend . . .

You want to know why? I bet you are thinking I worked really hard on that table!? ESPECIALLY since there were absolutely NO posts! Well, . . . . you are dead wrong!! Lonnie actually put another coat of paint on the table - he really pulled through and did his part {that he agreed to do!} - BUT me, well . . . let's just say that I didn't hold up my end of the deal! Yes, it is my fault the stupid table isn't complete - But give a girl a break!! A big Break!! I swear that I had every intention of working on that joker. But Saturday, we had company that showed up {I knew they were coming} BUT, I really thought I would still be able to work on it! And it rained on and off and I have to do my part of the job out in the open and not in the garage! My freak-a-zoid husband wouldn't dare allow me to crank up the hand sander {or for that matter - use a sheet of sand paper} in the garage - Good LORD, we got to protect that motorcycle!! But it is ready for me and I will do something about it this week {I Hope!}

I got a little sneaky peeky for you all - I really don't want to show the piece in it's entirety because, well . . . it's not finished! But it almost is and I'm lovin' it so far! I don't know if anybody noticed {besides Jenn - cause she emailed me and asked if she won a prize since she was the first one to say anything!! Hahaha!} but I did change the name of the "charmed collection" - You know, I felt it never fit!! But "funny bones" sure does - so that is what it is!! Well, my dear friends - this new painting is like a reversed funny bones or a stretched funny bones or just something like funny bones! And I think I might just put it in it's own collection - if the response is good! We'll see.

And this is a silly request - BUT Stephanie H - the one that placed an order on Thursday, June 26th - if you are out there and read my blog {maybe - long shot - but possibly} - can you contact me!! Your email address keeps sending me a note that says,

Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently
Is there anyway you might email me with your phone number or another email??? I must confirm some things with you before I get started - paleeez! Thanks!

It's the weirdest thing - I've sent the email now about 27 and a half times and it keeps rejecting me! Oh - I can't stand it! Does anybody know why it does it! She sent me an email from THAT address and she had THAT address in the order form - so why is it "failing"!?!? I just don't get it! Computers are soooo aggravating - to the extreme!!


Jenn said...

Uhhhh...I guess I don't win a prize? Tee-hee!

SeriouslyDaisies said...

Poor little table! If it wants company it can come over and visit my little desk (that is still in the VERY long, never gonna get finished sanding process) in the garage now for a few weeks. These projects always happen sooooo much faster in our heads, don't they? Hehe.