Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been tagged, yet again . . .

But I sooo love it! As I said before - the best way you can meet me!! My good buddy, Holly, got me this time. I must share 6 unimportant things about myself.

1. As a child {say around the age of 5} I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver in the summer and a hair-dresser in the winter. {And I wish I was kidding!} I had some theory that business would be bad in the cold months for ice cream, BUT everyone would want to get their hair done so that their heads would stay warm. And if that fell through, I always had plan B - figure skater . . . on skates {of course!}

2. I was the absolute champion of the limbo . . . . on skates! I loved the skating rink and I really was a great skater {wait a minute - I'm still a great skater - people like me still have their own skates - and still use them!!} But I'm no longer a great limbo-er - actually I would be embarrassed to even try the limbo - but know this legend still lives!

3. I love the fashion, music and decor of the 1920's, 30's & 40's.

4. I eat some form of a potato with at least 2 meals a day! I actually tried the "no-carb thing" once - Lonnie was afraid to go to sleep one night because I was DT-ing and I needed a potato desperately. So, at 10:30 pm he went to McDonald's and bought me 3 large orders of fries. Truth be known - I could have eaten more.

5. I laughed {hysterically} throughout my entire wedding ceremony while my husband cried! Obviously, neither one knew exactly what we were getting into!

6. I've never in my life finished an antibiotic. Has anybody?? If I do take any, it is normally the first 2 {maybe 3 days} and that's it.

Now that is some useless info!

But wait, there is more - A new friend over at Priddy Creations also got me!

The first question is what was I doing 10 years ago - BUT since I've already done this one recently - let me change it up a little . . .

1. What was I doing 5 years ago - I was finishing up college and had been married less than a year. Lonnie had been deployed, but never left Fort Rucker. That was about the time they were sending them back home.

2. What are 5 {non-working} things on my to-do list for today - Empty dishwasher, finish the 2 loads of laundry I started, eat my iced honey bun, respond to some emails and then go to bed {I don't normally put bed on my to-do list, but I ran out of things!}

3. 5 snacks I enjoy - obviously honey buns, white cake {with no icing}, vanilla ice cream, raw carrots & squash

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire - the question here is "what would I not do?"

5. Jobs I've had - babysitter, worked in several horse barns, a nanny {different from babysitting - believe me!}, worked in a dental office and then I started popping out kids and you all know my story from there!

Don't you guys feel like you know me so much better?


Deidre said...

Number one cracked me up - that is totally logical that no one would want ice cream in the winter and they would need haircuts - totally logical.

I loved the one about the McD's fries, also. I can so relate to this. The no-carb diets send me over the edge.

Holli said...

I'm glad to know I am not the only one that freaks out without carbs. Kris and I both tried the NO carb diet and ummm yeah....I thought there was going to be a big "D"! Seriously we were in Target each with our own buggy just so we could lean on something to hold us up! Needless to say we WILL NOT be doing that again!

Jamie Noel said...

Hey kim,
You left a sweet comment on my blog a while back and I wanted to say hello. (Yes, it was a while back, but there were 44 comments and I'm trying to get to everyone.)
Okay, I just glanced quickly at your blog and we are obviously kindred spirits. i know i alone am responsible for creating half a dozen super bugs that won't respond to antibiotics because I never complete them or have my children complete them.Can they really expect crafty, creative, sanguines to follow through on these things? Isn't there a one dose pill for highly ditracted by anything fun type women? (and their unfortunate offspring?) Okay so my kids both have 3 week bronchitis...but did you see the birthday party I threw for them?! hee hee