Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Can you believe 120 comments?! That is way more than I expected!!!

Well - the lucky winner is Joanna {number 66!!} We have already made contact and I will be getting her painting out to her very, very soon. She has twins as well!! And they are only a few months younger than mine. Joanna, if you are like me, I'm sure you are glad that first year is over!! Until those monkeys started walking - Jeeze, I had some biggo' arm muscles! 'Cause you have to carry them together {everywhere} - or at least I had to.

I'm so glad that so many of you liked the site! The music was a big deal for me. Like so many of you, I normally do not like music on websites and I really find the noise annoying when I'm trying to read. Fortunately, you can click on the spinning disc in the lower left corner and the music will fade out. But I had to use that song, it {for me} was sooo perfect for the site. The funny part - everytime I now sit down at the computer and Hudson is in here with me - he starts singing that song!! He sings it long before I get on my site! You can tell I worked on the site a little tooooo much right before the launch!

As far as the colors - that was a very hard thing for me to do. Actually, that took me the longest when plugging all the pictures in. So, I'm extremely happy that you guys noticed!

And for the pictures!! Oh, don't you love them all!!! And I'm talking of the pictures behind all the text. That was random stuff in my studio space. Good ol' Krista took those - and she did an awesome job!!! I've actually got some more ideas - so, you will notice some of those pictures will change out. Not many, just a few! Krista did take some of the pictures in the Charmed Collection. I really want her to take them all - but I've not had the time to make any samples AND I normally deliver or ship paintings out as soon as I complete them!!

I did have someone say it ran a little slow for them - you can bypass the slide show and click on each individual picture. That way you can go at your pace. I also had a comment about the description of the collections not with the collections. I wish that I could put the descriptions with each, but there was no way with the template that used to do that. I could have done something up in photoshop and posted it as a picture, but then you would have to stop the slideshow and read the description. I thought that might be a little more confusing {because I know some of you guys wouldn't know you could stop the show!!! And then you would be trying to read that joker in the 3 second interval it is set on!! hahaha} That is actually very funny when you think of it - everytime it rolled back around, you would try to pick up where you left off with the last 3 seconds!

Overall, I'm so happy with the finished look. It has a clean look with punch! And after reading every single comment I see that you all saw that! I need to thank Kim over at Today's Creative Blog! I know she sent a bunch of you over here!! Bless her heart!!

Well, I got quite a few orders from the new launch, so I have alot of painting to do!!! So, thanks bunches!! I also have alot of blog visiting to do!!! I plan to visit every blog that commented on my site {as long as you are not private - which I noticed so many of you are!} Hopefully you liked it, loved it and want some more of it!!! So, come back and I will talk to you all soon!!

Next on the list - BLOG redo!! It has to match the site, Silly!!!


Greg & Joanna said...

I'm so excited to have won!! :). I am very happy the first year is over, but also a little sad. It went by so quick! I have to say that I didn't enjoy the twin thing until they both started sleeping thru the night, then it was wonderful! And I do have some pretty good arm muscles from carrying them both together :).

You have a great site, I'l have to check back more often!

Tutta la Storia said...

Wow--stumbled on you from Kim over at Creative Blog. You are quite the talent! I am a Communications Director and I totally appreciate great graphic design, well-executed web design and writing. Nicely done!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Oh good, I'm glad so many people were able to help.