Saturday, April 26, 2008

I love the blog world!!!

I got sooo many great ideas from you guys!! The sad part - I've got the two unfinished night stands {that I mentioned} and a huge unfinished shelf {chocked full of toys} that also need some kind of something done to them!! I'm probably going to do them first - then the table and chairs!! But I have to have a plan before I start!! AND I have to be caught up with "sold art"!!!

Speaking of, check out this one

This one is actually a gift that was being given today at a shower {CUTE name!!} Look how sweet the bedding is!

Hopefully, I'll get feedback soon - I'm dying to know how much she loved it!! Okay, maybe I'm jumping the gun - she might hate it!! Oh, that would be awful!!! I will let you all know!


A Lovely Thing said...

Very cute. Carson is a wonderful name!

Lauren said...

Ok, really? The chances of her hating it? Are about 1 out of a bajillion. Puh-leeeze. And about the table/chairs? The each-chair-a-different-color is a great idea. You could also get the paint that finishes like a chalkboard, and your kidlets could "chalk" on it anytime they wanted!