Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As promised {for yesterday's post}

Oh - I didn't do a post for yesterday!! Silly me - hehe!

Well, here is the "mary rose" painting completed!! I did get the stitching finished around the few dots! This one will be shipped to her new home in Illinois {tomorrow morning!} I need to get a map and mark all the places that I've sent my paintings. That would be a very interesting project - I actually have sent a few abroad - Yes, I think that would be a fun little something to do - I'll get right on it!!

Krista came by again today. She took a few pictures of some art AND a few of Emsley!! Can't wait to see them!! She will hopefully email me a few AND I will post them! We did the cutesie ones with her in one of the drawers of the pink chest. We stuffed the drawer with my dupioni silk bedding. Then we laid her ever so gently {butty naked} on top - we were trying desperately to get the pictures {because we know what kinda chances we are taking with a naked baby} AND guess what happened - Oh you guessed right - she peed!!! All over the silk bedding - the price we will pay for a picture!! I know it will be so worth it! I can't wait to see them.

So, check out this little number above!! Whatcha think of that!! How super cool is it?! Let me just tell you about this. That groovy frame {if you do any framing at Hobby Lobby, I know you've seen this one in the custom order section!} has been wanting me for a long time - badly!!! Well, someone ordered this one, but must have decided they didn't want it {or something.} After I saw the original price of $113.50, I might not have wanted it either! But it was marked down, and marked down and then they marked it down again {thanks Debbie!} - so I had to get it!!! It was an odd size, but who cares - it will work perfectly in my little studio!! I've had this joker now for about 4 months and I finally figured out how I was going to use it - DRY-ERASE! My friends at the Hobby Lobby put a piece of white mat board under glass and -*BAM*- a new {and super cool} dry erase board!!! I was so excited that I ordered {half off of course} a red frame to match that will have a bulletin board in it!! I think I might take my dry-erase calendar and have it framed as well!!! Now, I just need to start using it!! hehe

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Rach said...

Ok I must admit that frame with the dry erase idea is REALLY cool! and the bulletin board too. That is gonna look good in your office.