Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm an official "Wriskey Girl" . . . .

What is a wriskey girl?? I thought you might ask!! Well go visit my friend Tara and you are going to want to be a wriskey girl too!!!

How cute can it get?! Basically the concept is for ladies to stylishly slip their keys around their wrist instead of dropping them down into the bottomless abyss of a purse that I know we all have!!! {or diaper bag - yikes!!} There's a caution label on the back that reads - "Upon opening you become a Wriskey Girl." How stinkin' cute!!! And I've so been called worse!! ha - I love the dangly tag that she attached to it, too! And she had sooo many choices!! Go check the site out - I'm sure you'll find one for you!!!

On another note - I got my medallion today. Exactly what I was expecting!!!! Love - Love - Love it!!! Again - it was a steal!!!! So, check out this site!!! You will be amazed at some of the prices - especially for the quality!!

And another "happy" for the day - we finally bought a fridge for the garage!! Yeah - us!!!! FYI - we go through 1 gallon of milk a day - no exaggeration. I open a fresh gallon first thing in the morning and we polish it off right before bed!!! Isn't that crazy - and we don't buy the cheap stuff either - I'm a "Purity" lover!! I think you have to live in our area to know that brand, but I'm talking about $5 something a gallon!!! This stuff ain't cheap!!! We had decided forevah ago to get a refrigerator for our garage and a wonderful friend of mine is changing all her appliances to stainless - so we totally lucked out and got basically a new fridge for nuttin' - woohoo!!! Thanks Kathy!!!! Now we need a freezer - with all these kids - we got to start slaughtering our own animals!!! That sounds gross - but with all the steroids injections and crazy stuff they feed these animals - we got to look at new possible routes for protein instead of the "unknown" at the grocery store!!! We have some groovy friends that slaughter HOME GROWN COWS!!! You know the kind that they raise and feed "good stuff" to!!! Maryann - I will be putting that order in as soon as I get the freezer!!!

Well - I hope everybody is having a great Tuesday - and I sure hope to HECK you voted!!!



I became a Wriskey Girl yesterday! I love mine! (so much so I posted a picture of it on my blog too! it's the little things isn't it? but no more digging for those keys! that is huge.

Rachel said...

That thing is too cute! And I'm in on the cow now hurry up and get your freezer. haha