Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big fat thanks . . . .

Thank you to all that commented on my cards!!! I actually received them today and they look fantabulous!!! For all those wondering - I did NOT design those!!!! I'm sooo not that talented - wish I were, but I'm not!!! I've got to find out my new friend's website and will have to post it on the blog - she was a dream to work with!!

Well, tomorrow is another doctor day - I have negative blood - so guess what that means - OH YEAH, I get freakin' poked with a needle!!! I've lucked out and so far, all 3 of my kids too have the RH factor thing going on. That meant that I didn't have to get the second half of that shot after their birth. Whewww!! I'd call that "lucky!!" That is one of the first questions {"what type of blood does that kid have?"} I ask the doctors after the births - this of course after the, "All the toes?, All the fingers, We do have a belly button? . . . ", ya' know - all the pertinent questions!

I'm going to beg and plead that we really need to go ahead and schedule that C-section - I mean she did say she didn't want me to pass the 38th week - so what's the prob bob - let's get that joker on the books. That way I can start counting down the days and watch my anxiety kick in overdrive as the date looms closer!!! Hey, for those who have kids, don't you think the best way to describe pregnancy is as the longest blind date that you ever had to look forward to?? The only thing is you know, no matter what - this is going to be the MOST Gorgeous person, with a great personality and a good match for you??!! That is what I always thought and it always ends up being the CUTEST baby I'VE ever seen in my LIFE!!!

On a crappy note, I have the biggest, honkin' fever blister EVAH!!!! This thing is sooo big, I'm surprise my lip isn't reaching through my monitor and waving at you!!! I mean it is HUGE!!!! I got my "lovely cream" just a little too late and I'm afraid tomorrow is going to be much worse!!! This would be after my dentist {former boss before kidlets} called in the pills - you know the kind they give you if you have the other kind of herpes virus!!! I would normally have been embarrassed, but due to the fact that my swollen lip was jumping off my face, I'm pretty sure the guy at the Walgreen's window KNEW exactly "why " I was there!!! Being pregnant and just not enough lab rat testing, I can't justify taking the valtrex - so I had to get the cream instead!! Normally this thing wouldn't be so bad. I mean come on, I've got 3 small kids, I'm 82 weeks pregnant and it's flippin' cold outside - I just wouldn't leave the house!!! But I have the dr's appointment tomorrow and I was hoping to maybe run a few errands! I think it is suppose to be cloudy tomorrow, so I can't even wear a giant pair of sunglasses to hide behind{ya' know, like the stars do} without looking even more sillier!! What is a girl to do???

Well, at 2 am, this girl is needin' some sleep {after I load the dishwasher, start it, swap out the laundry and doctor on my lip!} Why is it that the woman's job is NEVER done - okay, better question - Why is that I always have laundry?!?!?! I swear, I think someone comes into my house, while I'm gone mind you, and wears my clothes {this would include my kids clothes and my husband clothes!} Seriously - about every 3 days - I have 4 - 5 full loads!! I need to hire a maid . . . . this is getting ridiculous!


Holly said...

So Kim who is this dentist you used to work for and what did you do there? Just being nosey. I work at a dental office also.

Melissa Santanastasio said...

I too believe the laundry conspiracy theory. There is no way that I dress my kids the amount of times that I have loads of laundry. I hate changing their clothes and my husband feels so bad that i always have so much laundry to do that he doesnt bring his clothes to the hamper until they are begging him. Which ultimately makes my laundry room stink like a frat house. God bless the considerate!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

AMEN on the maid sista!