Friday, November 2, 2007

As I sit here . . .

in the dead of night {it is around 2 am,} my mind is racing with soooo many ideas. Those who know me, know that I've got to have a plan for the new baby's room, a new GIRL baby's room!! {And I too, need to figure out a 1 syllable middle name to match up with the first name!} I think this baby room is going to be so fun. Currently "the room" houses my desk and computer and a "little" clutter. I'm so ready to get a move on now. Ya' know, now that I know who my new critter is. I always love red in a baby room, but I'm really stumped over the other colors. I've got some ideas - definitely a green, maybe a smidge of yellow - I don't know! I've got to go on a search for fabric. I don't plan on making the bedding myself this time - I'm in a little too deep with canvases and paints and I'm sure I won't have the time. I will make the window treatments however. I really have a great idea for that - includes a cornice {how girlie!!!}

I'm so ready for my husband to come home. This night time routine is almost too much to handle by oneself. The daytime is not so bad {I'm here everyday doing that,} but "whoa" the night seems to be getting harder. I appreciate everyone calling and asking if I need anything because you will be on my side of town. That has truly helped - ESPECIALLY since all 3 kids have some type of fall cold!! But I do miss going to Hobby Lobby {at least 3 times a week} and our Michael's just had a grand opening!! Totally missed out - I really wanted to be there so that I could go ahead and introduce myself to all the employees - I'm sure they will be seeing me alot - its about half the distance that Hobby Lobby is from my front door. And HL is only 5.8 miles if I turn left out of my neighborhood {and 6.4 if I go right!} I really can't beat that with a stick!!

I've got a major urge to go antiquing - I really need to find a few vintage shutters {-or buy new and make them vintage!} I've got something new brewing in my head - I will post about that later!! That is my plan for next Friday - because Lonnie will be home and I really feel that he needs to spend some quality time with his kids - ALONE!! As I need some time ALONE!!

Back to the baby room - this will be fun to post all the befores & afters. I will do that on this blog and not the family one. So, stay tuned - I'm sure I will have Lonnie working on the room once he gets home. Nobody feel sorry for the man either - what does he expect training states away for 2 weeks!!
*** the picture is of Hudson - a great pic to make me laugh when I feel overwhelmed!! Ha!!***

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