Friday, October 19, 2007

What I've learned over time . . .

There is no such thing as a secret!!!

Let me start from the beginning . . . . I love a challenge. I mean, really LOVE a challenge!! Ask my husband if you don't believe me. Now, I'm not athletic, hate sports in general, matter-of-fact I hate to sweat!!! Roller skating is the only sport I can do extremely well {uhmmm - is that a sport??} I find myself attempting all types of things just to master it and then move on!! Just to name a few random things, at 5 years old, I completed my first cross-stitch piece. At 12, I completed my first quilt (and it fit a full size bed). At 19, I learned to tat (if you don't know what that is, I'll explain later.) Anything artsy, crafty, whatever - I can figure it out - MOSTLY on my own. But, someone has to be there to give you the inspiration, you know - to show you what you want to do. To get you started!! I honestly can't tell you every person that inspired me for all my ventures. But what I can tell you is that if I needed any type of advice, help, direction as to where to go to find the "products" that I need - each of the people would give it to me. Every single one. And they still do. They all still share their "Secrets."

That my friends - is a true business person. A "REAL" person. Haven't you noticed that all profitable women in the market share their knowledge. The difference is they have true confidence in their skill. That would be WHY they make so much money even when they spill the beans on all they know. I'm sure most of you can read between the lines and see what I'm saying about those who keep a "tight lip" on what they think are "Secrets" -

Which leads me back to the beginning of the post. I love a challenge and there are no secrets, just because I want to know where you got it, how you made it or whatever, doesn't mean I want to profit from it . . . I just want to try it, for fun. You know, conquer another "craft" and then move on. So, people get over yourselves, I mean really, their seems to be people out there willing to divulge in the same info you seem to think you got the patent on. In the big scheme of things - WHO CARES!!

Apparently, you don't have very much confidence in your skill! Are you afraid that person will be better at it than you?? Then your probably right. It always comes back around - the good and the bad!! And I too, have learned this the hard way.

Now with this said, I've also learned who to keep my mouth shut with and who to blow off when they ask for my "secrets" . . . Go find them elsewhere. I've divulged enough of me and you haven't let go of any info I could use from you.

The funny part, some people {probably} just figured out who this is directed too!! teehe

And to all the "REAL" people out there - Thanks!!


Rachel said...

I must say that in direct sales if we didn't share "secrets" it would be like reinventing the wheel over and over again. It is nice to have those that are successful and knowledgeable in their business share a few of their "secrets". Makes it easier for all of us to be a success!! And you are right ultimately (though sometimes after much unnecessary hard work) you will figure out those "secrets" for yourself--if you don't have someone out there that is willing to "help a sista out!" hehe {Here's to all you successful women!}

Natalie said...

RIGHT ON, Kim! In my line of work, if I didn't learn from the secrets of the most successful women in my business (and there are NOT many ~ mostly men!) and then, couple that with passing on what I've come up with as my OWN way of being successful, then I'd be a miserable person with a ton of money and not one person that TRULY appreciates it to share it with (I'm talking about the success - not the money)! I'm in a COMPETITIVE business, but I've learned there is PLENTY to go around and who knows, one day me and another lady that I have become fond of IN THE SAME BUSINESS AND ONE OF MY COMPETITORS could come together and create a power house!! It's women helping other women because Lord knows it's nice to know someone is willing to say "you know what, this is what I did and it worked for me" esp if you are new. I love that you have kahunas to SAY IT!!

Mommy said...

Ummmm...well I wish I knew who peed in your Cheerios. Guess they won't ask for YOUR secrets anymore nor will you ask for theirs.