Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wow, check out the orders . . .

Have I told you guys THANK YOU for YOUR BUSINESS lately?!? Well, I need to!!! I have 10 PAINTINGS going right now!!! I normally average out about 2 to 3 orders at all times and I paint 2 at one time!! But 10!!! Yes that means I've had to step it up a little and work on a few more than I normally would at once!! All of the paintings are totally different - which makes this so FUN!!

The bad/good news is we are supposedly moving next Thursday!!! Woohoo!! So, for all the orders I'm currently working on, I will finish up as much as I can before I have to start packing. As soon as we get in the new house, I will get back on all of them!! I really don't think it will be a HUGE hold up {I did say "I don't think . . ."}

Figured I could show you guys a picture to prove I'm working on these orders!! The big white one has white paint on it - don't think I just put a blank canvas on the drying rack just to make it look like I was working!! And that one on the top/front/right corner is a sample board - I've got to make it before we can figure out what the final canvas will look like!! Tedious - but it has to be right!!!

So, it might be a few days before you read a new post. Don't worry, I'm just busy with the move!! I promise to blog soon!!!

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Jennifer Froh said...

Glad to hear your busy busy busy!!!! I hope you'll post your creations! :)