Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What I'm going to miss about this old house . . .

As most of you know, I'm moving and there is so much that I love about my old house. I was planning to post about the things in this house that I'm going to miss, and after reading Pear Street Studios blog, I learned of Karla's Cottage. She is having a party where everyone is to post something that they love about their home!!! I thought this would be the perfect time for me to post what I'll miss!!!

So, saying all that, I would like to welcome everyone to my home and show you a few things that I absolutely LOVE and will incredibly miss in this house. We live downtown (a few blocks from the historic district) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We have spent the last 6 years, completely renovating this 950 square foot home. Mind you, we did add about 400 square feet with the birth of our first child, but the house is now busting at the seems as we expect the birth of baby number 4!!! The absolute best part of renovating is all the special touches you can add. One of my absolute favorites is my view when I wake up in the morning!!! Check out my chandelier over my bed. This is literally what I see as soon as I open my eyes!!! Oh, how I love it. The black iron with all the dangling crystals. It works perfectly with the high ceilings and the large room.

I also love my glass cabinets. Every upper cabinet in my kitchen has a glass front. A little brave, but the house doesn't have a formal dining room and is too small for a china cabinet, hutch or any other piece of furniture that you can display crystal, china or your grandmother's antique pieces!! So, this was the creative way I did just that!! With 4 kids, this will also be the only time in my life I won't mind displaying my everyday dishes . . . I'm sure {soon} most of these will be broken and miss-matched!! HA!!!

I also love the painted pine walls!! AND the wall paper on the ceiling!! {Can you see the paper up there?} I'm not a fan of wall paper -UNLESS - it is on the ceiling!!!

Another something I love is my PINK tile in the main bathroom!! It was actually called pink patina - Ladies, its just a nice shade of pink!! I actually thought it might deter buyers from my home, but the new buyers LOVE it, too!!! Okay - I also love the beadboard - it really shows the age of our house.

To see more of my home, you can visit here and see some pictures of the rooms as a whole!! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime!!


Jennifer Froh said...

I love your glass front cabinets... I want those! I've never seen wallpaper on a ceiling before.. I'm really liking it!!!
Hope to see pictures of your new home real soon :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love all the glass cabinets! And everything is sooooo neat in there too! LOL! I have some old stained glass windows whose frames are falling to pieces. I would love to have my husband somehow add them to my cabinets. Thank you for sharing your home! I look forward to seeing your new home one day!

Flea Market Queen said...

Oh my...the glass cabinet door fronts are so lovely!
I love your home...
Best wishes in your new one.

Bejeweled said...

Your home is SO lovely! The chandelier and those glass front cabinets are fantastic and I like the pink tile :)

What a bitterweet post, but I'm sure your new home will be beautiful and you will make it even more so with your personal touches :)