Saturday, August 25, 2007

Like I really have time for this . . .

With all that is going on and I sign up for a sweet and sinister swap. But I'm SOOOO excited!! Check out the details here - I love checking out this blog - arsty mama. She does so many fun things through her blog. She just seems to be so cool and artsy!!! hehehehe!! If I just could have some of her creative brain cells, the world would be a dangerous place!! But anywho, I've been a spectator way too long and decided to jump in and give this a whirl. I know of a few of you out there would love to do this too!! Matter of fact a really do have a couple of you in mind!! So, sign up with me (or don't - chickens!!) I think I have a great idea for something sweet and sinisterthat will be crafted by me, or at least I hope the person I get partnered with will think so!!

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