Monday, January 1, 2007

about kim

Unlike the bio of most artists, Kim Tate Wheeler graduated with a degree in Business {not art}. And once kids started coming into the picture, that degree rendered useless!! So, after the birth of their first son, she & hubby agreed that home was the place she needed to be. So, she quit her job, took off her shoes and has been pregnant ever since {or at least it feels that way to her!}

During her first pregnancy in the spring of 2005, Kim wanted her son’s name painted on canvas. Not finding “exactly” what she was looking for, she thought she could try painting his name – how hard could it really be?? Never picking up a small paintbrush before in her life, one can only imagine what the first piece of “art” truly looked like. She only pursued painting after two really annoying friends insisted that she create something for their children {that’s how she remembers it!} And that my friends, is when the party started & small words – incredibly cute, personalized art began.

Kim lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her supportive husband, Lonnie. They have four {extremely} young "babies": sons – Hudson, {twins} Carson & Lawson and daughter – Emsley. Her family also includes their sheltie – Tiddles and three goldfish, who would like to remain anonymous. She credits God for all the talent she’s been given as well as the guidance that He constantly provides. 

About those two annoying friends, Kim cannot thank them enough for the push they gave her. If it wasn’t for them, she would be bored with absolutely nothing to do. She would be so bored that she might even have more babies to fill in the empty voids of her life {yikes!} Okay, never mind - maybe she wouldn’t be that bored!!! 

Nat & Jenn, she will be eternally grateful for the belief you had and the vision that you saw. 

Thanks guys!!